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Don’t know if I should write that much. Look at the pictures instead, and click them for captions if you’re reading at

But well… I’ve been in Engelberg a while now, and the conditions are pretty horrible. But it’s fun!

New toys for stoke are first of all a Panasonic GH3. Pretty amazing little thing… I normally shoot with the LX7, cause it fits in my pocket, but have been trying the GH3 some now. Really cool cam. For shooting, but even better for filming.

Also stoked on… all new gear! Ha ha. Fun with the Blizzard Cochise, cause they’re so solid in these conditions. Ah… I’ll write more later. Here are some pics:

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  1. Sick photos! You should send a couple to f stop–they’d be stoked! You’ll enjoy that Loka, by the way 🙂

  2. Ha ha. Thanks Cameron. I should try to take some proper ones first then…

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