Nov 12

Pizza madness and KNERTINGS

First of all – THANK YOU ALL US FRIENDS!!! If you’re a “communist Swede”, Obama is still a mad man. But he’s not half as mad as Romney. So I want to thank everybody who voted for Obama.

Second – had a couple of more avalanche and ABS clinics with The North Face. It was fun, and a lot of people both at Alpingaraget and AddNature. Fun to see! Good times with beer and hot dogs at Alpingaraget, and pizza mayhem at AddNature. Click the pics and read the captions to know why I slept so good yesterday.

But first of all – a movie from this summer. Sweet memories with Hansiii.

Apr 12

Alaska photo blog

Having the second down day here in Haines. Carston Oliver went home a couple of days ago, and we’re waiting for Bryce Phillips to replace him. And we need a reset. There’s some good snow left, but it’s getting really hard to find it… The rest of the crew still in Haines – Oskar Enander, Stephan Drake and Ben Sturgulewski from Sweetgrass Productions – are not as tough today as yesterday (Ben’s looking good though), and I’m the only one without a hanover. Feels pretty good… I might as well stop write, and have you looking at the pictures instead. If you’re reading my blog at Freeride.se, you have to click the photos to read the captions.

Mar 12

Two videos

First of all: Skied a couple of hours with the new ABS backpack from The North Face, and… Fckn great! It’s built on the Patrol 24 Pack, which is the pack I use the most, and then they just kind of added the ABS technology. = awesome backpack with ABS!

Another fun thing. The guys from Winter Project released a new episode. It’s a bit different, but fun to see what they’ve been up to. I’m gonna hook up with them later this spring to do some shooting. Here’s the episode:


This morning, I came to think of a thing (again). I really like coffee. So I made this movie. I named it The happiest moment of the day. And I feel fortunate that I’m going to bed now, and already are looking forward to some coffee tomorrow morning!


Screenprint from the only shot in the edit done with RED. Dang, it looks good!

Mar 12

The North Face ABS pack

Just got my hands on the new ABS pack from The North Face. Had to try it immediately, and now I’m on my way up on the mountain. It’s raining like hell, but it’s fun to try out some new stuff! Here a video:

Here’s a picture of it. Looks and feels great!

Good collaboration between two good brands!