Dec 13

Blizzard Tecnica meeting in Sölden

I’m at the Blizzard and Tecnica sales meeting in Sölden at the moment. Good times! Full on, but fun. Really stoked on the new products too, and that feels very good. Here are some shots:

Dec 13

Another epic day

Today was another epic day, but short, and sweet! Had three good runs with Oskar EnanderDaniel Furberg, Petter Widén, Matilda Rapaport and Piers Solomon. Then at 11 I went down and drove to the Tecnica / Blizzard sales meeting. Meetings aren’t as fun as shredding, but I was really stoked on seeing all the new next level gear here. Gonna ski all tomorrow. WOHO!



Nov 13

Back on Snow

So, this is the return of my blog, after a long time with just small phone updates. Hello!

Today I had my first real day skiing this season. And… I think it’s the best first day ever. I remember last year was pretty epic too, but this was better…

Was shredding with my buddy and awesome boarder Daniel Furberg (who started a small snowboard brand, make sure to check out Furberg Snowboards), FWT dude Wille Lindberg and the backflip master Olof Larsson. Good times! But my shins hurts oh so bad now… Always a week of adapting before they’re back on track.

Some shots. Will start shooting more.

Nov 13

Boot fitting

Spent some time at Alpingaraget today, getting my boots done. It’s a pair of R9.3 130, and they’re pretty tight (93mm), so I need to customize them a bit. Pretty stoked to get help from Mattis in the shop. He actually won the boot fitting world champs, so… I’m in safe hands. Everything looked good though!

This is one of the boots I use. For powder and touring I use the Cochise 130 Pro, which is the best touring boot out there. Used that all last year. But for slopes and such, it’s nice to use a proper race boot like this.


Aug 13

Action times

Had a sweet 15-hour-action-mayhem, with biking-climbing,7hoursleep-biking. It’s all about finding training that ain’t training, but just plain fun.


Compared a Canyon AL 29 with a Canyon Strive in the Stockholm forests. Really interesting. They’re both fast, but in different ways. Fun!

Also went climbing. Something I haven’t done much of at all. But I ordered shoes and a sweet climbing kit from Addnature.com, and now I think I’m in the danger zone of getting hooked!


And this morning I went on another bike run with Victor from Alpingaraget in Sjöstan. Beautiful morning!

Now I’m on my way to the star of the next issue of Alpinkultur. Interview day 1.

May 13


Last week me, Per Jonsson, Robin Andersson and Lars-åke Krantz went and climbed the 1000 vertikal meter Novatindsrenna, that apparently don’t get skied that often. It was a good day! Here’s a short video from the day. Share it if you like it! Stokes of the day was the skiing, and my new Blizzard Scout. Awesome! It’s like a Cochise, but no metal and lighter. A real ski, but light.

May 13

Backflip day

Epic backflip afternoon in Riksgränsen today. Was shredding with Wille and some hard charging kids from the jib academy in Kiruna. Fun times! Wille shot this small back of me:


May 13


Went for a hike the other day together with Direktör Jonsson, Robin Andersson and L-Å. Good times! Edit and more photos coming soon.


Apr 13

Narvik powder

Long time since I was posting. But here are some shots from yesterday’s skiing in Narvik. I’m here together with Per Jonsson and photographer Markus Alatalo. Today’s greybird, but yesterday was RIDICULOUS. Happy.

Apr 13

Fun gangshred in Engelberg

Had such a fun day with a good gangshred here in Engelberg. It was me, Per Jonsson, Edvard Berg, Wille Lindberg, Patrick Vuagnat, Peter Nilsson, Linus Archibald, Jesper Robertsson and some other people. Good times! Inspiring with a bunch of fun riders to shred with, and hopefully we’ll get some vision tomorrow so that we can continue!

I skied on the 196 Bodacious the last days, but went back to the 186 today. For this kind of skiing, that was better. Fun! Stable, but still short and more playful than the more kick ass 196.