Dec 13

Glad Lucia from Alpinkultur and E’Dollo!

Glad Lucia! As we say in Sweden. Henrik Harlaut is our main object in the next issue of Alpinkultur, dropping in a few days. Other things to look forward to:

– Interview with Emma Dahlström.

– Gallery with four generations (even if the picture below says three, we give you a bonus!)

– Big story from Krasnaya Polyana, with shots from Christian Pondella and Mattias Fredriksson.

– Interview AND PODCAST with Reine Barkered.

– Coffee test (very important).

– 176 km/h on one leg.

– Instabangers with Mattias Hargin.

– Gallery with Gösta Fries.

– And more goddammit!

Dec 13

New POC and Lemmel gear. And coffee!

When I came back from Engelberg, I had a couple of boxed to pick up. Both made me happy! It was a some awesome helmets and armor from POC, and a couple of t-shirts, coffee and lots of love from Lemmel Kaffe. Lovely! Made my weekend.

Oct 13

New, free online ski magazine

Did I mention that I’m also the editor in chief of a new online ski magazine? Well, I am. It’s called ALPINKULTUR, we just released the second issue, and I’m pretty goddamn stoked about what we did!

It’s in Swedish, but we have about 40 gallery pages with kick ass ski photography from Oskar Enander and Daniel Rönnbäck. It also includes Instabangers, news, gear, interviews with Jacob Wester and Marja Persson, and a sweet story about Japan with photography from photo wizard Mattias Fredriksson. Read it, share it, spread it in all possible ways!

ALPINKULTUR #2! Read it and share it! The cover is shot ny Daniel Rönnback. La Grave. Skier, Jacob Wester. Cheers!

Oct 13


There’s a big coffee day in front of me. Deadline for Alpinkultur is creeping in.


Oct 13

Some phone pics

Shitloads of stuff to do now, Working with #2 of Alpinkultur (new website, check it out), and we’re closing in to deadline. So here’s and update from my Instagram account:


Aug 13

Action times

Had a sweet 15-hour-action-mayhem, with biking-climbing,7hoursleep-biking. It’s all about finding training that ain’t training, but just plain fun.


Compared a Canyon AL 29 with a Canyon Strive in the Stockholm forests. Really interesting. They’re both fast, but in different ways. Fun!

Also went climbing. Something I haven’t done much of at all. But I ordered shoes and a sweet climbing kit from Addnature.com, and now I think I’m in the danger zone of getting hooked!


And this morning I went on another bike run with Victor from Alpingaraget in Sjöstan. Beautiful morning!

Now I’m on my way to the star of the next issue of Alpinkultur. Interview day 1.