Oct 13

Norway, Switzerland, Stockholm

Have been doing lots lately. Lots of biking (shootig with Fredrik Schenholm, Mattias Fredriksson, Daniel Rönnbäck, Oskar Enander and Hans Johansson), lots of computer work. No blogging though. Here are some photos, and a film about how my life is now:


Sep 13

Epicness in Switzerland

Have been in Grindelwald for a couple of days now. Ridiculous place with such cool mountains surrounding the place. It’s been raining pretty hard here lately, but yesterday we saw some really good trails, and got some epic biking in there, together with some photos that Oskar seemed extremely stoked about. We’ve had good help from our guides here in Grindelwald. Especially yesterday when we weren’t limited by the weather, Phillipp could show us a lot of the goods Grindelwald has to offer. Merci!

Been a couple of good days here, and it’s nice to hang out with Oskar and Johan (check out Johan’s blog, good shots) from Ski Lodge Engelberg.

Here are some phone shots.

Oskar: “It’s so beautiful here, I don’t even have to look in the lens to shoot bangers.”

This could very well be the best Instagram shot I’ve taken. It’s not just cows, a biker and mountains – it’s the goddamn Eiger in the background! Mamma Mia…

Could resist to do one more of that. Different day, cows and mountain. But same Johan. It’s on the way to the last run. Good times!

Sep 13

Romsdalen, I love you

Well. Today was also king. Here’s Janne, smooth operating through the trees close to Åndalsnes.


Sep 12


Started the more serious training before the season now. It’s not fun in the beginning…

Was biking with Calle Friberg the other day. He’s pretty much the fastest mtb dude in Sweden, and… Words are redundant. Not even his magic cookies helped me!

Went biking on my own a couple of days ago. Got lost, as usual. Guess it’s because I never dare to take that path that leads away, the other direction, so I learn some new tracks. Always lost.

Got a new t-shirt from The North Face that made me happy though! Home sweet dome… I like tents…

And! I bought some old Swedish books yesterday. It’s a classic Swedish series of five books. When I got home, I saw that no 3 was from the original edition from 1964, and signed by the author Per Anders Fogelström. Stoked!







Sep 12

Car shoot

Had a car shoot with Daniel Rönnbäck the other day, on the way home from biking. Felt kind of weird. Ha ha. But I think he got some sweet pics! Below is my iPhone shot.

Pretty nice evening…


But first some biking.


And between some fishing. Good times! I like this shot. Water is the best mirror…

Aug 12


Yesterday I was sent out by Pape to get a gpx-file from the Hammarby Hill course. Hammarby Hill is a bike race he wants me to participate in. But after being guided through the course by a pretty creepy gang (we can call them “The Spandex Sect”), I not so sure about my participation. The fact that all the “mtb” races are more like small/dirt road races also sucks. It felt like 70 % of the course was small roads, and that a no-suspension cross bike, or something like that, would be the fastest option. So we’ll see…

But today I’m going biking with Pape and Calle Friberg. He’s one of the fastest in Sweden (former pro who’s won the Swedish Champs a few times), and I’m trying to prepare myself for the humiliation the afternoon will offer me. He might also be a part of this “Spandex Sect”, but I think he’s alright. Ha ha. But seriously – gonna be super cool to bike with him, and I hope he will teach me a move or two (guess he’s gonna propose the “Train more you lazy fck”-move).

Here are those creepy guys:


Aug 12

A couple of videos

Part four or the mtb instruction video from Canyon and Kadens. “Stökig terräng” is my specialty in life. Ha ha.

And then I found this video of Stefan Ågren from Frontside Fly, doing his version of the Ephemera Vulgata. He’s fast goddammit!

Last days has been some biking, and some work. I’m finding new routes in Nackareservatet and Sicklaskiftet all the time, so I’m so stoked on biking. My biking partner in crime, Pape, also wants me to starts on a really serious schedule, so that I can start compete, and get as fast as he is. I don’t know… Biking is good for legs and knees and… pretty much everything. So maybe it’s not a bad idea.

Anyway, have to get back to a Whistler story with a deadline that’s closing in really fast. Here are some phone shots:

Aug 12

Back to biking

It’s been a strange summer. Haven’t been fishing that much. Haven’t been biking that much. What have I done?! Working more I guess. But yesterday I was biking with Pape for the first time in a while. Maybe for the first time this summer. So fun! He knows the area here a lot better, and all the good trails. Going for it tonight again. Good to be back on a full suspension bike too. It’s a less fancy bike, but I like my Nerve XC 8.0 a better than the CF-bike I used last week.

Next episode in the MTB school:

May 12

New season

I’m doing this now. And I like it. Picture a few hours old.

Stoked on my new bike!