Oct 11

Pike-fishing and mud-biking

Coming some more pics later… But I had such a sweet day today! Went for some pike-fishing with Sverre early this morning. Really nice! Then some biking before it got dark. I’m hooked on that. So fun when I got myself a good bike!

Dry or Die? Not really…

“Handsome Per” was our guide. An ex mogul ripper who knows a lot about pikes! Sverre had some trouble with his reel…

I got my old bike stolen, so I don’t dare to close the apartment door when the water’s dripping off…

Oct 11

23 iPhone shots. Fishing, food, Bolling.

Been writing some this week, and didn’t blog. I guess it’s a good sign! Delivered some texts to Transition (new webpage!) and Åka Skidor. Two mags, and two different kind of writing styles. It’s interesting!

Spent the weekend in Bynn – sweet as always. Was staying with Bea at our cabin in Håberget. But my dad had put some new brick stones in the fireplace, so I couldn’t make any fires. Merde! But I had a sweet day of fishing at Blueberry Bay. So nice to be in the water again… That covered up for the fire-disappointment. Ha ha.

Then off to Lungsjöån, for a day there. Beautiful, but the fish were to tricky for me that day. It had been raining a lot. I blame that. I like that it’s not too easy though. Have to be some challenge!

Met up with my friend Jonas Bolling the other day. He’s the chef at Ski Lodge Engelberg. Went for a food safari in Stockholm, and tried a sweet sushi place (Akkis Sushi – really good! But not as good as Westermalms Sushi though), and a mad coffee place! I realized that I don’t know anything about coffee at all… But the guys at Johan & Nyström taught me some!

And, of course, some biking!

Sep 11

Running 30 km

Well, of course I didn’t run 30 km. Yesterday I was just resting, and cheering for Bea, who did the classic “Lidingöloppet“. It’s a mega race in Sweden, with about 20 000 participants. Trail running in nice surroundings. The furthest Bea had run before, was about 15 km, so she was stoked to finish. Me too! I never had any doubts though (the fact that she’s a better runner than me could be one reason I’m only biking these days…).

Today I went tried some new trails with my new bike. Went to Fiskartorpet with Pape. It was good biking!

Sep 11

Murder attempt

This may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s true. Yesterday I went biking with my friend Pape, who’s really fast on his bike. We just kept on biking and biking, and way too fast. After a couple of hours I started to hallucinate, and I begged that we would turn around and go back home. But my whispers were too weak…

Ok, maybe he didn’t try to murder me. But! I was so tired I almost started crying at one point. Guess it’s good for me though!

Today I’m gonna cook dinner with my food-mongo-friend Starving Mason, and it’s gonna be good! Before that, we’re gonna go out to Lidingö a cheer for our ladies, who are running the 30 km race “Lidingöloppet” today. I’m proud of Bea! (And I’m gonna try to see if me and Starving can make a bet about who’s got the fastest girlfriend. We’ll see…)

Sep 11

Trailers and biking

Went for a bike run yesterday. Again… So fun now. My new bike floats! My old one was just bouncing a lot, trying to penetrate me with the saddle (when those attempts were combined with slippery-pedal-issues, that bastard was sometimes successful).

Sweet weather today! I like the fall. Cause it’s close to winter…

I also saw the two trailers from my friends Matthias Mayr and Matthias Haunholder’s movie company. Take a look!

So many cars in Stockholm… Not good for anything.

It’s a lot of these ones biking in Stockholm. Fast bastards. Dangerous.

Drottningholm. That’s were the Swedish king and queen lives.

Fun trail – “Fornstigen” on the island Lovön.

Threw up half way (nah, not really, but not that far away either).

Last time I was biking home this way, I changed track on my iPod, lost control and crashed into this bus thing. Hurt like hell… But I guess those who saw me had their day made.

Barely dared to pass this lady. “Artillery shooting club”.

Almost home. Tired. So I thought I might start with Curves instead: “30 minutes training for women. Both new beginners and elite.”

Bea’s mom is visiting, and took us to Råkultur. They serve the best sushi in Stockholm.

Sep 11

Even more stoked on my bike now

Tried my new bike for the first time today. Stoked! So much easier to ride than my old bike. I was biking with my friend Pape, who’s really fast, but I think I’m less behind now.
Oh, I was supposed to tell you why I got this bike, and not another one. Well, there’s a number of reasons, this Bike Radar review is of them. Pretty awesome…

Looking down on good tires, it’s a new experience.

And that’s why I was ahead of Pape in the beginning! (Don’t think that phone call he had to do mattered anything. Not anything at all…)

Pape trying to explain the road back to the parking to some lady with a dog. He was pointing in every direction, so I guess she’s still out there.

Don’t know what the name of the area we were biking in. I know nothing here in Stockholm… But the trails were super nice!

My mother in law is here visiting. She’s sleeping next to the new bike. Guarding it… As you might read, my old bike got stolen. So this one is NOT leaving the apartment as long as I’m not sitting on it.

Sep 11

Mega stoked on my new bike!

I’m in a rush, and will explain later why I’m MEGA stoked on my new Canyon Nerve XC 8.0. Now I need to buy a pair of new bike shoes before the store closes.

Stefan Aaskov – the nicest guy in the Swedish bike industry.

Johan Jonsson – the happiest guy in… uh… the bike industry? I’m gonna bike A LOT from now on, that’s for sure!