Sep 13


Sweet day in the Haslital area today! Couple of iPhone shots:

Johan Axelsson rolling around looking for new trails.

It ain’t that bad here…

Sep 12


Changed my beloved Canyon bike a bit. Bought new tires, and moved on to tubeless. Feels good! And it seems like everybody loves it. So that’s sweet. Gonna go out and try it in the mud soon.


Sep 12

In the dark

Borrowed a Silva headlamp from Calle Friberg the other day. Wasn’t really sure about biking at night first, but… It was fun as hell. Special feeling. It’s getting darker fast in Sweden, so it’s good to be able to bike early mornings or evenings. Sweet!


Sep 12

Small bike video

Small video from the biking with Daniel Rönnbäck yesterday. Awesome XC biking in Rörbäcksnäs!

Sep 12

Real work

Have been in Bynn since friday now. We’re changing roof on our cabin, and the old roof had to be removed before the carpenters could start. It was a dirty work… But good to fall asleep immediately when you go to bed.

Got some of my winter clothes, AND some biking clothes, from The North Face. So I’ve been just like a child on Christmas eve. Sweet.

Yesterday I was shooting biking with Daniel Rönnbäck in Sälen. Epic! Now I’m going up there again, for some fly fishing and more biking. Cheers!

Aug 12

Amateur and pro

AMATEUR: One of my sweet sponsors (The North Face) are gonna start with some kind of monthly updates. I’m doing mine like a small edit. Here are some screen-shots. You think they will like it?


PRO: I also saw that Transition.se posted a sweet video from Rhythm. I don’t know what that is, but I liked the video! My good friend Rolf Nylinder from Frontside Fly was skating smooth. I like his style. (Hope it’s ok I have an opinion, even though I don’t know shit about skateboarding). Take a look:


Aug 12

Third action trailer from JOB

Every monday Junkies On a Budget are releasing a new trailer. This week it’s from We Make Them Wonder.

Some photos (if you read at Freeride.se, you need to click the photos to see the captions):

Aug 12

Some good news

Some good things you shouldn’t miss:

1. I did a small interview with Transition magazine yesterday. You can read it HERE.

2. The Junkies On a Budget movie In Space is having their Scandinavian premiere at Debaser Medis on the 21:st of September. A friday. That’s less than a month from now! Make sure to book the date. Doors are open from 19-03, and until 22, the entrance is free. Wihoo!

And this is how happy I can get to find a cold beer at home after some crap biking:

That people-beer sure tasted good...

Aug 12

Fishing, berries, Sthlm… And a trailer!

Had a nice weekend after the bike race this friday. Bummed I missed the bet, but it was pretty good anyway, thinking about the amount of training I had before…

Was pretty much just picking berries and fishing (was shooting some fishing with Daniel Rönnbäck. Fun!) the last days. Now I’m back in Stockholm, and have some work to do. Pumped to get back into the biking here too, and get back on my full suspension bike (Canyon Nerve XC 8.0). The CF bike was fast, nice, and perfect for that race. But for the biking here around Hellas, this is better.

Still stoked for big cars, that doesn’t drink gas. I was about to buy a bike rack (don’t know the english word here, sorry) for my VW Passat. But I can easily get two bikes and lots of stuff in it if I convert the back seat, so… I don’t really need it. Ha ha. We’ll see when the mud season starts soon though…

And since the skiing season actually is closing in – here’s another trailer from Junkies On a Budget:

Here are some iPhone shots from the weekend.

May 12


Had a good last week. Been in Stockholm since I came back from Riks. Working in front of the computer, and biking. Spent the last three days in Bynn though. So nice to be at the other home. Fishing, enjoying the silence and smelling the woods. Love it… Here are some iPhone shots:

Went biking with Henrik Trygg this Friday. He showed me some fun trails. Here he’s on a fast and flat part on one of them.

Came to our cabin late Friday. It was so quiet… So nice…

Fotriktig (good for your feet). Don’t know about that…

In a weird moment, I promised I was gonna go on a little bike ride with someone yesterday.

But 100 km with Bea Indurain was a pain in the ass, literally… (I had my dad’s 20 years old mountainbike).

In Malung there are a lot of “raggare”. They drive really nice old cars around town. Around. Around…

Went fishing with my very good friend Glödhet. But we started with a beer. Just to get the feeling…

After the beer, the wind almost disappeared. Glödhet getting rigged up.

I chose the right fly. This is a good feeling…

It was no mega trout. But it was the first this year, and a very happy one! He was happy I didn’t kill him I guess. Still love my reel. Dry or Die!

Standard evening in Bynn.

My Passat is big, but Volkswagen’s Blue Motion is pretty amazing! That’s like… no diesel at all.

Yesterday was Eurovision shit. From me and Persson to all of you who watched that.

I feel so fckn old when I wash my car, and like it. Ha ha!

It’s Docking Station season! Biking and fishing trips. Sweet.

Found some old books. These three ones forms a trilogy that is the best I’ve ever read.

Took the first swim of the summer just before leaving Dalarna. Saw this spider web. They say it’s a lot of spiders this summer. Don’t know what that means… Good luck?