Aug 12

Amateur and pro

AMATEUR: One of my sweet sponsors (The North Face) are gonna start with some kind of monthly updates. I’m doing mine like a small edit. Here are some screen-shots. You think they will like it?


PRO: I also saw that Transition.se posted a sweet video from Rhythm. I don’t know what that is, but I liked the video! My good friend Rolf Nylinder from Frontside Fly was skating smooth. I like his style. (Hope it’s ok I have an opinion, even though I don’t know shit about skateboarding). Take a look:


Aug 12

Third action trailer from JOB

Every monday Junkies On a Budget are releasing a new trailer. This week it’s from We Make Them Wonder.

Some photos (if you read at Freeride.se, you need to click the photos to see the captions):

Jun 12

No luck

Been in/around Sorsele for a week now. It’s been a lot of this (waiting):

And not so much of this (catching fish):


Good times with Katapulto and the Frontside Fly dudes though! Lots of coffee and knert. Soon – Sthlm and biking.

Jun 12

Säveån photos

Came back from Säveån late last night. Really tired, but pretty happy. Had three nice days, but we had a little bad luck with the weather, so there weren’t any big hatches. We all got some nice trouts though, and Acapulco also got a new nick name – from now on he is Katapulto. We also made some new friends. Local hero Ulf Börjesson and his friend Lars-Åke Pålsson gave us some valuable tips about the fishing there, and also donated some flies to us less knowing masar. Thank you!!!

Don’t know if it’s that much more to say… Well! I’m stoked on the new waterproof daypack The North Face made. I’ve had drybags before, but not made as lightweight, comfortable backpacks. Sweet for a rainy day, or when I’m close to water. In other words; I will use it a lot!Also a never ending stoke on my Blue Motion VW Passat, that drinks close to nothing, even when it’s heavy loaded and are in a hurry.

Here are some shots from the last days:

Jun 12

Good times in Säveån

Me, Swimming Kluckis, Diving Acapulco and Finn-Hans is in Säveån on the first trout trip this year. Beautiful place, beautiful fish. Just a couple of iPhone shots:

On the road.

Planning and beering.

What we want to see – Ephemera Danica.

The North Faceare a new dry-bag backpack. Even dry flies li… Ah, never mind… The pack’s awesome though!


When it’s a little bit cold, a “knert” is very good to keep the spirit high!

Not super big, but very pretty…

I found this chair when I “was in emergency”. (it’s true) But there will be no “after” picture.

43 cm. bye bye. See you next year!

I found a new friend. Thumbs up for him! Or her.

Jun 11

DoD in Lapland

Have been a couple of good weeks. Been shooting a lot of pictures, but just got them in the computer, so I haven’t edited many of them. Here are a few of them though, from a trip up to Lapland with Stefan Ågren and Rolf Nylinder from Frontside Fly. And today – you getting a bonus pic too!

Jun 11

Monster Trout

Have been in Sorsele over the weekend. Have been pretty epic. Lots of 2,8-beer, coffee and fishing. Was hanging with my friends Stefan Ågren and awesome snowboarder Rolf Nylinder, who’s running Frontside Fly. Ågren almost killed the fishing this summer by catching (and releasing) this trout (my scale stops at about 4,2 kg, it was over that, and 77 cm), of course Dry or Die style:

“Hi there. I can die happy now.”

It was these ones we were following – Ephemera Vulgata.

That’s a good distance…

I caught (and released) this char. Small, but very beautiful. I got a nice one later. No iPhone pic of that one though… Coming later!

One evening I did “raggmunk” for me and Spade. Unexpected. And really good!


And Rolf tying the…


Ågren was unbeatable…

Bought a season pass for a big part of Lapland. Hell yeah!

Last evening up in the North. I’m in Stockholm now, and… It’s good with a break from fishing maybe. Ha ha. But I miss this stuff…

Today I had a sweet day though! Helping photographing friend Hans Johansson shooting kids clothes from Franka. Is this the best photo brief ever?