Jan 14

Adventure Journal

Really stoked that Adventure Journal made Likebomb Skiing #1 their video of the day. Click HERE to see.

Thank you!

Apr 13

Utah shredding and fishing

Shredding and fishing?! Yep… I feel that I’ve been so lucky lately. Got to go to Alta for a meeting with Tecnica and Blizzard. Super nice to meet the guys over there, test some new skis, talk about the future, and just have a good time. Made some new friends, and got to ski with some truly amazing skiers. And I’m not only talking about the athletes, but all the guys at the meeting. Such good times!

Paid a visit to the Soulpole factory one night. Got to do our own poles! Awesome. Thanks Bryon!

Also got to ski a new prototype from Blizzard. Can’t say that much, but I’m stoked as HELL on that ski.

And to top a kind of perfect week off, I got to go fish the Green River together with some great fishermen. It was too good to be true almost. AMAZING place. So greatful… Thank you so much Mike and Brian for taking me with you! And Jed, Bart and Stefano too. Had a very, very good day.

So, here are a lot of pictures. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click the photos to read the captions, which you should.

Feb 13


Have been down in the village a few days now, being sick. It’s kind of weird, cause I can’t remember last time sickness kept me away from skiing for this long. It’s only a week, but it still sucks. My lungs are hurting, and I’m coughing like hell.

Anyway, today I went up on the mountain with Patrick Vuagnat, and up there we hooked up with Simpa, Linus Archibald and Mattias Hargin. I didn’t really have any expectations, but I got so surprised!

I ve been skiing the 186 Blizzard Bodacious since new years, but went back to the 196 today, and… I really like it. I like long skis! The 186 is perfect for most people I guess, and I really like shredding on it in Canada. But it just feels easier for me to have a longer ski. More stable.

Also went back to a fleece jacket I kind of forgot that I had – The North Face Radish Mid Layer (check last picture). It’s a fleece with a tight hood, that I use as balaclava. My favorite. No snow down the neck!

Well, check the pics. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click the photos to read the captions.

Jan 13

Shredding moguls

Had a fun day shredding moguls with Molly Baker today. The conditions right now are fun for skiing, if you ask me. If you ask all the spoiled North Americans here, I guess they say it sucks. Ha ha. Read captions for more. I took some shots of the people hanging out in the Sweetgrass Luxury Lodge too.

Jan 13

Cloudy powder in Mürren

It was high and low in Mürren today. Cloudy, but with some powder, so I think Schenholm got a couple of shots. It’s been pretty warm though, so it’s hard to find good snow. But, it’s still so beautiful here. Nice or not, tomorrow morning we leave for Haslital. And it’s gonna be sweet to see what they have to offer!

For more, check out Matilda’s blog. And for blasts from the past, check mine.

Jan 13

Back in the powder

Haven’t been much proper blogging lately and… Well, that’s bad. So – big comeback today! Ha ha.

On new year’s day, I drove the 2000 km to Engelberg. Felt sad to leave Bea, but are really motivated for shredding pow and getting the legs going again!

Early this morning, me and Matilda Rapaport drove to Mürren, to hook up with photographer Fredrik Schenholm and journalist Anders Wingqvist. So today we did some scoping, some skiing, and a little bit of shooting in the very changing light conditions before the bad clouds came in. Good to be here though! It’s such a beautiful place. Look at the photos, and read the captions to understand.

If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you have to click the shots to read the captions.

Dec 12


Me and Tom-Oliver just started something, that will develop into a few episodes during the winter. Here’s a first little glimpse. Spread it if you like it!


Dec 12

Epic POW!

It’s not so hard to get up at 6.30 when you had a day like this yesterday:

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Oct 12

Double drop from “In Space”

Everybody is posting stuff about the new snow, and I’m stuck in Stockholm. AAAAHHH!!! But I just found this video on my Vimeo page. It was set to private, cause Winter Project didn’t know if they were gonna use it in our edit for the Junkies On a Budget movie In Space. Well, it didn’t make the movie, but Nicke’s shot of the same run did. So look at this as a teaser, and the go to iTunes and buy the real movie HERE. The video is from 9:th of May. Pretty good snow for that date…


Mid-air screen print.

Oct 12


Sweet edit from Winter Project and Junkies On a Budget. A small medley from the shoots this winter.