Dec 13

Trying the GH3

Some random photos from today, trying my new Panasonic GH3. Pretty sick camera. All shots are in higher ISO. And I’m not a photoshop wizard. No, wait, I don’t even use photoshop. Ha ha. It’s the 12-35 2,8 lens.

Dec 13

A week of shitfuck

On the way back to home-home now – Malung and Dalarna. Bynn. Feels very good. Had a blast the last week, but it’s been pretty tiring both mentally and phisically to try to work in shitfuck conditions. But… we tried our best, me and The Glass Blower, and hopefully we can come up with something different at least.

Gonna be at home for a week or so, but I’m ultra motivated to ski, so hope to drive down in a week or so!

Here are some photos from yesterday.

Mar 13

Luminou – new short film from Winter Project

Here’s a new short film from Winter Project – Luminou. If you haven’t seen the movie In Space from Junkies on a budget, this is totally fresh material. Have a look, and enjoy a fresh view on the genre. Other riders are Per Jonsson, Adam Falk, Simon Ericson and Jesper Tjäder.

Jan 13

New zone

Think I’m gonna have a good time in this new zone (new to me, that is), as soon as the snow is a bit deeper and softer. The Sweetgrass boys know where to go…


Dec 12

Merry Christmas, and two new sponsors!

Well, first of all: Merry Christmas! Hope you’re having a good one. I’m hanging out with the FKPG Terror Squad in Falköping. Good family times, even though I’m not the biggest fan of this giving mania… So, I sorted it, and only bought gifts from SOS Barnbyar this year. Felt good!

Today’s stoke came after I printed and signed a contract for Ski Unlimited. Contract sounds too serious for this though, since I’m good friends with the people there, and is just super happy that I’ve started working with them! I’m gonna help them with some stuff, and they’re gonna help me with some stuff. It’s a so called win win, and I’m happy for this!

I know I already mentioned this also, but I’m still very stoked about my new ski sponsor too. Blizzard and Tecnica is having a bright future in front of them. And them is us now. Sweet!

Here are some shots from the last days (three first photos from Roberto Parisse):