Jan 14

Finally some pow!

Sweet day in Courmayeur today! We hooked up with friend and mountain guide Mikke Eriksson and skied the Helbronner. Good times!

KC Deane arrived yesterday too, after winning Skiers Cup together with his team mates from North America. Good guy!

And the Shitfuck edit is now on youtube, so EVERYBODY can embed it now. Sweet huh? Here:

Some photos (if you read at freeride.se, you need to click photos to see captions):

Jan 14

Big mountains

First time here in Courmayeur for me. Pretty stoked on the place! The snow is not super easy to work with, but in some places it’s still cold.

Food and people are amazing though! Such nice place. And the surroundings are just… on a different level, kind of. It’s more hostile, but mostly humbling…

Had a couple of fun days on the mountain together with Mattias and Matilda. Here are some photos:

Jan 14

Finally some pow

Had a blast in Engelberg today! Shredding with ripping girls Lorraine Huber, Sandra Lahnsteiner and Matilda Rapaport, and ripping media people Mattias Fredriksson and Klas Granström. Good times!


Dec 13

Another epic day

Today was another epic day, but short, and sweet! Had three good runs with Oskar EnanderDaniel Furberg, Petter Widén, Matilda Rapaport and Piers Solomon. Then at 11 I went down and drove to the Tecnica / Blizzard sales meeting. Meetings aren’t as fun as shredding, but I was really stoked on seeing all the new next level gear here. Gonna ski all tomorrow. WOHO!



Mar 13

Glacier Express day 1 – St Moritz

Just started a mission together with Sverre LiliequistChristoffer Sjöström and Kina Zeidler. We’re doing the Glacier Express for the Swedish newspaper SvD and some other magazines. Had our first day shooting yesterday, and it went about as good as it could with the conditions we have here. It’s good at some places, but we had to search for them…

Today it’s overcast, and no new snow, so we’re gonna shoot some diamonds and other St Moritz stuff. It’s kind of fun to see this town. So different from… me, and what I normally do. But, you can always learn something from it. Here are some pics from yesterday. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click the pictures to see the captions.

Oh! And I must nog forget to say BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Matilda Rapaport, who I’m living together with in Engelberg. She got a wildcard to Verbier Extreme, and managed to win the competition. So awesome! Happy for her, but not surprised.

Jan 13


Yeah, I kind of ended up in Canada now… We’ll, I think it’s easiest if you just click the photos and read the captions… First some shots from our last days in Hasliberg last week.

Jan 13

Cloudy powder in Mürren

It was high and low in Mürren today. Cloudy, but with some powder, so I think Schenholm got a couple of shots. It’s been pretty warm though, so it’s hard to find good snow. But, it’s still so beautiful here. Nice or not, tomorrow morning we leave for Haslital. And it’s gonna be sweet to see what they have to offer!

For more, check out Matilda’s blog. And for blasts from the past, check mine.

Jan 13

Epic conditions in Mürren…

Nah, not really epic conditions here in Mürren. It got warm today further down, and unfortunately the light was… a bit too “mystic”. But we got some shots this morning, high up. So, good day any way actually. Matilda, Fredrik and Anders didn’t get sour though. We had more coffee instead. So, I was happy too.

For more of Mürren, take a look at Fredrik Schenholm’s BLOG, and Matilda Rapaport’s BLOG. Or, take a look at my BLOG from three years ago, when I was here with Mosse and Mattias Fredriksson.

Jan 13

Back in the powder

Haven’t been much proper blogging lately and… Well, that’s bad. So – big comeback today! Ha ha.

On new year’s day, I drove the 2000 km to Engelberg. Felt sad to leave Bea, but are really motivated for shredding pow and getting the legs going again!

Early this morning, me and Matilda Rapaport drove to Mürren, to hook up with photographer Fredrik Schenholm and journalist Anders Wingqvist. So today we did some scoping, some skiing, and a little bit of shooting in the very changing light conditions before the bad clouds came in. Good to be here though! It’s such a beautiful place. Look at the photos, and read the captions to understand.

If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you have to click the shots to read the captions.

Dec 12

Gangshred in Engelberg

Such fun day today! Did some filming with Tom-Oliver and Matilda first, and then hooked up with Wille Lindberg and Olof Larsson for a couple of laps. So fun! Took one picture, and claim pocket camera banger. Ha ha. Also filmed Wille backflipping into the secret creed. Goood times!

Wille on a classic location.