Jan 14

Finally some pow!

Sweet day in Courmayeur today! We hooked up with friend and mountain guide Mikke Eriksson and skied the Helbronner. Good times!

KC Deane arrived yesterday too, after winning Skiers Cup together with his team mates from North America. Good guy!

And the Shitfuck edit is now on youtube, so EVERYBODY can embed it now. Sweet huh? Here:

Some photos (if you read at freeride.se, you need to click photos to see captions):

Jan 14

Finally some pow

Had a blast in Engelberg today! Shredding with ripping girls Lorraine Huber, Sandra Lahnsteiner and Matilda Rapaport, and ripping media people Mattias Fredriksson and Klas Granström. Good times!


Dec 13

Glad Lucia from Alpinkultur and E’Dollo!

Glad Lucia! As we say in Sweden. Henrik Harlaut is our main object in the next issue of Alpinkultur, dropping in a few days. Other things to look forward to:

– Interview with Emma Dahlström.

– Gallery with four generations (even if the picture below says three, we give you a bonus!)

– Big story from Krasnaya Polyana, with shots from Christian Pondella and Mattias Fredriksson.

– Interview AND PODCAST with Reine Barkered.

– Coffee test (very important).

– 176 km/h on one leg.

– Instabangers with Mattias Hargin.

– Gallery with Gösta Fries.

– And more goddammit!

Oct 13

New, free online ski magazine

Did I mention that I’m also the editor in chief of a new online ski magazine? Well, I am. It’s called ALPINKULTUR, we just released the second issue, and I’m pretty goddamn stoked about what we did!

It’s in Swedish, but we have about 40 gallery pages with kick ass ski photography from Oskar Enander and Daniel Rönnbäck. It also includes Instabangers, news, gear, interviews with Jacob Wester and Marja Persson, and a sweet story about Japan with photography from photo wizard Mattias Fredriksson. Read it, share it, spread it in all possible ways!

ALPINKULTUR #2! Read it and share it! The cover is shot ny Daniel Rönnback. La Grave. Skier, Jacob Wester. Cheers!

Oct 13

Some phone pics

Shitloads of stuff to do now, Working with #2 of Alpinkultur (new website, check it out), and we’re closing in to deadline. So here’s and update from my Instagram account:


Oct 13

Norway, Switzerland, Stockholm

Have been doing lots lately. Lots of biking (shootig with Fredrik Schenholm, Mattias Fredriksson, Daniel Rönnbäck, Oskar Enander and Hans Johansson), lots of computer work. No blogging though. Here are some photos, and a film about how my life is now:


Sep 13

Epicness in Norway

Norway is treating us very very good. Been here a couple of days now, and can’t say anything else than… that I’m so stoked about being here. I’m on a trip together with Mattias Fredriksson and his girlfriend Elle. We’re shooting a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, but mostly biking. We’re staying at Tommy and Renate’s place Villa Vengetind. They have 15 beds, local knowledge, are kick ass bikers and chefs and… just happy to stay at their place here. Check out their webpage, and visit them!

Aug 13

Biking in Åre

Thank you Mattias Fredriksson and Tobias Liljeroth for epic guiding on Åreskutan yesterday. First day with downhill biking. So fun! Here’s Mattias, and Mattias’ Instagram of me:



Mar 13

Powder and shooting

Engelberg had a couple of really good days now. It’s been deep powder, and I’ve been shooting some together with Mattias Fredriksson. It’s been me, Oskar Scherlin (Who I haven’t met before. Nice guy!), Mattias girlfriend Elle, and Sebastian Garhammer. Good crew! Here are a couple of photos. More coming. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click photos for captions.

Aug 12

Photo of the day at Powder

Photo wizard Mattias Fredriksson just shared a link on my Facebook page. Apparently, we got the Photo of the Day at Powder Magazine’s website. Happy for that! And I claim it to be a mean hike pic. Ha ha ha. Maybe next time it’s a ski shot.But meanwhile, I’m stoked for this.

As some might know, I made a bet with my good friend Pape regarding the Cykelvasan bike race this coming Friday. Today I started the cheating, by borrowing a sick ass carbon fibre bike bike from Canyon Bicycles. Normally I ride on their Nerve XC 8.0, but this one looks… faster. Ha ha. I hope it will help me win the bet! Just before I picked up the bike (on the way up to Dalarna), I took a last session on my own bike. I guess I got a bit motivated, cause I took a curve really tight, and now my shoulder hurts like hell. Guess it’s gonna be stiff for a few days.

Sitting in the car now, looking back in the trunk, where there are two bikes, about five full IKEA bags, a big TNF duffel bag, some tents, sleeping bags, and lots of fishing gear. And it’s still far from full. Volkswagen Passat – I love you!

I guess I took that curve about a shoulder width too tight...



Fast bike! And a half full VW Passat.