Sep 13

Romsdalen, I love you

Well. Today was also king. Here’s Janne, smooth operating through the trees close to Åndalsnes.


Jun 13

New gear

Back in Stockholm now, after a nightmare trip back from France. Had a nice weekend in Dalarna after that though. Check out some iPhone shots of new gear and classic Swedish midsummer:

Got up at 03.25 am Friday. This is at Frankfurt airport, half way through a 16-hour-trip. Can you see the ghost?

Got a small welcome-home-present from Bea. She’s starting to get it! Haha.

Classic Midsummer weather – sun, and Mordor in the background.

This guy always makes you happy though! It’s Malung’s most famous alcoholic. After I took this photo, he said: “You gonna go home and wank off to the photo now?” Hahaha!

Our strawberries missed us…

Went biking, with new POC shades. Perfect for biking, and fishing! They’re polarized, of course.

And new backpack. Litho 18 from The North Face. Perfect for hydration, and some protection.

AND! New shoes from Addnature. Sweden’s best and biggest online store for… Almost everything that has something to do with the outdoors. I really liked these shoes. Thought they were gonna be “less performing” than my old bike shoes. But they’re actually really stiff and good! With SPD. Sweet!

They didn’t help me up this tricky bugger though. Super stoked on my new Canyon 29:er, but not even that took me up. Today maybe!

Straight from biking, to IKEA, to no time for cooking. But rotten cheese, old wine and mom’s even older marmalade ain’t a bad dinner either! Haha.

Jun 13

Short biking video

Ciao. Long blog silence from me. Sorry about that. I’m returning now. Starting light today, with a short video from the biking in Scotland last week. Had an epic stay in Innerleithen! Rode my XC bike (Canyon Nerve AL 8.9), and was a bit scared it wouldn’t be enough on the downhill side. But… worked well! And I think I had the best “up-bike” by far. Ha ha.

Thanks Gösta Fries for inviting me, and thanks alla others for the time there.


Sep 12


Started the more serious training before the season now. It’s not fun in the beginning…

Was biking with Calle Friberg the other day. He’s pretty much the fastest mtb dude in Sweden, and… Words are redundant. Not even his magic cookies helped me!

Went biking on my own a couple of days ago. Got lost, as usual. Guess it’s because I never dare to take that path that leads away, the other direction, so I learn some new tracks. Always lost.

Got a new t-shirt from The North Face that made me happy though! Home sweet dome… I like tents…

And! I bought some old Swedish books yesterday. It’s a classic Swedish series of five books. When I got home, I saw that no 3 was from the original edition from 1964, and signed by the author Per Anders Fogelström. Stoked!







Sep 12

Car shoot

Had a car shoot with Daniel Rönnbäck the other day, on the way home from biking. Felt kind of weird. Ha ha. But I think he got some sweet pics! Below is my iPhone shot.

Pretty nice evening…


But first some biking.


And between some fishing. Good times! I like this shot. Water is the best mirror…

Sep 12

Small bike video

Small video from the biking with Daniel Rönnbäck yesterday. Awesome XC biking in Rörbäcksnäs!

Aug 12

Third action trailer from JOB

Every monday Junkies On a Budget are releasing a new trailer. This week it’s from We Make Them Wonder.

Some photos (if you read at Freeride.se, you need to click the photos to see the captions):

Aug 12


Haven’t seen Eric Pollard shred the park in a long wile. Don’t know what it was about this, but it made me happy! Inspiring.

And here’s the last part of the mtb instructions from Canyon and Kadens. Watch me do an ollie! Ha ha.

AAAND! Some iPhone shots:

Aug 12

A couple of videos

Part four or the mtb instruction video from Canyon and Kadens. “Stökig terräng” is my specialty in life. Ha ha.

And then I found this video of Stefan Ågren from Frontside Fly, doing his version of the Ephemera Vulgata. He’s fast goddammit!

Last days has been some biking, and some work. I’m finding new routes in Nackareservatet and Sicklaskiftet all the time, so I’m so stoked on biking. My biking partner in crime, Pape, also wants me to starts on a really serious schedule, so that I can start compete, and get as fast as he is. I don’t know… Biking is good for legs and knees and… pretty much everything. So maybe it’s not a bad idea.

Anyway, have to get back to a Whistler story with a deadline that’s closing in really fast. Here are some phone shots:

Aug 12

Back to biking

It’s been a strange summer. Haven’t been fishing that much. Haven’t been biking that much. What have I done?! Working more I guess. But yesterday I was biking with Pape for the first time in a while. Maybe for the first time this summer. So fun! He knows the area here a lot better, and all the good trails. Going for it tonight again. Good to be back on a full suspension bike too. It’s a less fancy bike, but I like my Nerve XC 8.0 a better than the CF-bike I used last week.

Next episode in the MTB school: