Sep 12

Winter Project Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Winter Project’s part in the Junkies On a Budget movie. The first action shot is of me. Fun cliff in Riksgränsen! Don’t forget the Scandinavian Premiere on Debaser Medis on the 21:st of September. More info HERE.

Fun air in Riksgränsen.

Aug 12

Best board ever

I wonder if my friends at Nordica are gonna do a ski model similar to this board. I hope…

May 12

Epic day in Riksgränsen

Filming for JOB continues, and yesterday was really good. Me, Adam and Per did our best in front of the lens, and Nicke from Winter Project and Daniel Rönnbäck were shooting sharp. I say nothing more. Look at the photos and read the captions instead.

Apr 12

April powder edit from Engelberg

The last days I had in Engelberg was really epic. Fast pow on top, sunny and warm in the valley. I was shredding with Oskar, Yves Husler (coolest name in snowboarding), Mattias Hargin, Bolling and the rest of the good guys down there. Here’s a video of some of the happy-shred that went down. Enjoy it, and spread it:

Happy air!

Apr 12

Oh well…

When you go to a destination, you always have a time window. There’s always a date when you have to go home. Sometimes you kill it within that timeframe, and sometimes you don’t. That’s the name of the game… We got some good stuff in Haines, but not as much as we wanted. Just a little bit of bad luck with mini-injuries in the group, and too much sun, is enough to make difference between success and mediocre.

Enough of the whining! I’m back in Euroland now. Sitting in Zurich Airport and waiting for my skis, that didn’t make the same flight as me… Engelberg didn’t have the same problem as AK, since it seems like it have been snowing a lot there! So, stoked to ski tomorrow after sitting on my ass for ten days!

Something else to check out is the new TimeLine episode from Xavier and the muppets. Take a look at that HERE and some iPhone shots:

Apr 12

Bruce Bauer…

…is a good man. Check out his/Funny Farm’s page here. Next year it’s gonna be a new, big house to live in up at 27 miles.

Apr 12

Slingshooting and crab grilling

Just some more photos from when we visited the Field guys a couple of days ago. Filip, Espen, Tom, Asmund and Asbjorn gave us a warm welcome. Now that I made a couple of blogs about them, they might hate me though, since blogging is too untrue for these bad asses… We’ll just see I guess!

Apr 12

The Path of Love

A couple of days ago I went on a hike with Stephan. It was so romantic, I almost turned gay for one afternoon. Ah, not really, but it was a beautiful trail, and someone had marked it it a nice way. It kind of made me happy. More happy than gay actually. Watch the gallery and you see what I mean.

We’re still waiting for snow here. Ben’s in his room. Me, Oskar and Stephan are in our room. Start snowing now goddammit!!!

Apr 12

Alaska photo blog

Having the second down day here in Haines. Carston Oliver went home a couple of days ago, and we’re waiting for Bryce Phillips to replace him. And we need a reset. There’s some good snow left, but it’s getting really hard to find it… The rest of the crew still in Haines – Oskar Enander, Stephan Drake and Ben Sturgulewski from Sweetgrass Productions – are not as tough today as yesterday (Ben’s looking good though), and I’m the only one without a hanover. Feels pretty good… I might as well stop write, and have you looking at the pictures instead. If you’re reading my blog at Freeride.se, you have to click the photos to read the captions.

Mar 12

Eight iPhone shots that made me stoked

Gonna have a couple of days in Sweden before going away on two major film- and photo trips. I always miss the snow, But Stockholm is nice now too. Super warm. Here are some photos that made my last days.

Driving to the airport with Volkswagen Blue Motion is cheap!

Was out of food the other day. But then I found 1 kg Swedish cheese cake in the fridge. Stoked!

The next day I forgot to buy milk, so I had to have cream to the porridge. Sweet…

I was not out of eco lamb from the “Dalaskogarna” though. First barbecue of the year!

Stoked on the new KASK Mask 4 goggles. Perfect fit in the helmet! No gaps.

Tommen comes to Engelberg once a year. He’s a next level true-dude.

This boss was ruling Kastrup Airport today. Don’t know what he would fuck for, but the hair cut is KING.

I saw my house flying in to Stockholm today!