Mar 12

Some more heli shots

Some more shots from the heli day last weekend. Thomas Odermatt, our guide, took the photos. Thanks again Xavier, Tero, Guido and Thomas!

Mar 12

Two days with Xavier de le Rue and the TimeLine crew

Been in Sweden for a week, and just got back to Engelberg yesterday. But before that, I had a couple of nice days with Xavier de le Rue, Guido Perrini and Tero Repo, a.k.a. The TimeLine Muppets.

First we had a day in the resort, with good snow and good stress from a couple of other film- and photo teams. The second day we spent some time in the heli. Flew with Bohag Helicopter, and a ridiculous pilot. Extremely skilled, that is. Had just the guide we wanted too, as local hero Thomas Odermatt were guiding us to the goods. Good times!

Here are some of my photos. I also got some good ones from Thomas. I’ll post them later.


Feb 12

Powder shots

The last two days in pictures:

Jan 12


Was at ISPO yesterday. Would have been fun if I wouldn’t have got a food poisoning at breakfast. Uh… Met some friends from Alpingaraget (you’re getting your skis back soon!) and other random people.


Me and Tom-Oliver drove from Engelberg. Shiny car!

The new KASK goggle. Like it!

Lots of new cool stuff at The North Face!

And at Nordica too! Gonna go and mount the new Helldorado ski soon stoked!

Went back home with Olof Larsson and Oskar Enander. Here’s a pic from new Volkswagen car. When passing Luzern, we had been driving about 450 km.

But had almost 900 km left on that tank. And that was after driving pretty fast on auto bahn. Check out Blue Motion Technologies HERE! That’s a good way to roll.

Jan 12

Good days

Had another sweet day here in Engelberg. Good snow today, and I was a happy man!

Took a trip to Nordica in Stans after skiing, and got Tom-Oliver a pair of new boots. Think he will ski seven times better now.

Also talked to our fine friends at The North Face, and tomorrow we’re hopefully getting some more samples to try. Stoked! I love the ones I’m skiing in now, so are curious how the other stuff will work.

Here are some pictures from last days. And don’t forget to look at Oskar Enander’s video! He’s still in Canada with Sweetgrass, and it looks like they are killing it!

I can see that the pics are just in the wrong order… Guess it’s because it’s from camera and iPhone… But there’re still there!

Dec 11

Last day in Whistler

Back in Sweden now. Had a sweet last weekend in Canada. Me, Mattias Fredriksson, Kye Petersen and Ian Morrison went to Backcountry Snowcats. Hopefully I can manage to do a small video edit from that trip soon! On monday we did the last portraits of some Whistler profiles. Eric Hjorleifsson, James Heim and Matty Richard was captured.

Dec 11


Yesterday, Mattias Fredriksson, Ian Morrison, Kye Petersen and me went out to Backcountry Snowcats. We just came back after a day sledding and shredding. Now we’re having a cold beer, and eating sushi. It’s ridiculous…

Kye Petersen, not that sad.

Dec 11

Whistler day 3

One more day here in bullet proof Whistler. Bad weather today, so we didn’t do any hiking, just some groomers. Good fun though, even though I felt that my skis are already screwed… Mattias and me just had dinner with Leslie Anthony. Best pizza in Whistler at Creekbread!

Dec 11

First day in Whistler

Feels so weird to travel like this. Two days ago, I was hanging out with The North Face team in Mexico. Now Mattias Fredriksson and me are sitting in Ian Morrison’s home in Whistler, after the first day on the mountain. Was a good day. First we had breakfast with Kye Petersen and Jenny Liljegren, then went for some groomers. Late afternoon we took a small hike, and ended up with some good shots actually. Pretty surprising… Now all of that crew just came back from dinner with Dave Mossop from Sherpas (Just saw All.I.Can – sick!), his girlfriend Johanna and Sven Sandahl from Recco. Good to meet some new people, and good to get some skiing! Here are some shots:

Nov 11

Epic movie and new web page

Two friends of mine released new stuff on the web yesterday. Xavier de le Rue shows some INSANE riding in This is my winter, and Oskar Enander started a new fan page on Facebook: Oskar Enander Photography. Like it!

Apart from that stoke, I’m really happy I made a pair of new boots yesterday. I’ve been really happy with the Jah Love, that is now Nordica Girish Pro. It’s a kick ass free ride boot! But I’m gonna try the Doberman now. Back to the roots… Guess it’s gonna hurt, but be good. We’ll see. I got help to adjust them to perfection at Sweden’s best store – Alpingaraget.se. Mange Wörnert is the man! Perfect new soles, and fitted liner.

"Hello. My name is Johan Jonsson. And I act like a happy child when I get new stuff I like."

Check out sick pictures like this one (Yves Hüsler is the rider) on Oskar Enander's new fan page. Like it goddammit!