Dec 13

Another epic day

Today was another epic day, but short, and sweet! Had three good runs with Oskar EnanderDaniel Furberg, Petter Widén, Matilda Rapaport and Piers Solomon. Then at 11 I went down and drove to the Tecnica / Blizzard sales meeting. Meetings aren’t as fun as shredding, but I was really stoked on seeing all the new next level gear here. Gonna ski all tomorrow. WOHO!



Oct 13

New, free online ski magazine

Did I mention that I’m also the editor in chief of a new online ski magazine? Well, I am. It’s called ALPINKULTUR, we just released the second issue, and I’m pretty goddamn stoked about what we did!

It’s in Swedish, but we have about 40 gallery pages with kick ass ski photography from Oskar Enander and Daniel Rönnbäck. It also includes Instabangers, news, gear, interviews with Jacob Wester and Marja Persson, and a sweet story about Japan with photography from photo wizard Mattias Fredriksson. Read it, share it, spread it in all possible ways!

ALPINKULTUR #2! Read it and share it! The cover is shot ny Daniel Rönnback. La Grave. Skier, Jacob Wester. Cheers!

Oct 13

Some phone pics

Shitloads of stuff to do now, Working with #2 of Alpinkultur (new website, check it out), and we’re closing in to deadline. So here’s and update from my Instagram account:


Oct 13

Norway, Switzerland, Stockholm

Have been doing lots lately. Lots of biking (shootig with Fredrik Schenholm, Mattias Fredriksson, Daniel Rönnbäck, Oskar Enander and Hans Johansson), lots of computer work. No blogging though. Here are some photos, and a film about how my life is now:


Sep 13


Sweet day in the Haslital area today! Couple of iPhone shots:

Johan Axelsson rolling around looking for new trails.

It ain’t that bad here…

Apr 13

9 magic minutes

Don’t ask any questions. Just watch it. Oskar Enander is the man, and I was lucky enough to get 10 shots or so in there.

Feb 13


I wish it was sickness from doing rad stuff. But it’s not. Feeling really bad right now, and i don’t really know what it is. But… today I tried to ski, and it felt like I was gonna cough out my lungs… Well, hopefully some sleep will fix it!

There are two filmers from a new, French movie project here, so it sucks big time that I can’t ski. But Patrick Vuagnat just have to ski like two!

Some shots of Oskar Enander in this blog. And those are the last this winter. He tore his Achilles tendon yesterday. So sorry for him…

Click the pictures to read the captions and see them in bigger size. As usual…

Dec 12

Best day this season!

Today was such a fun day! Was gangshredding with my Hausfrau Matilda Rapaport, Tom-Oliver, Piers Solomon, Wille Lindberg, Olof Larsson and some more dudes. Watched Oskar Enander shoot some great pics, and then went to Ski Lodge Engelberg for a well deserved (but small) après. Finished the evening with burgers at the Paradiesli Beach Boys. Sweet!

Nov 12

Not ok…

Yesterday the owner of Engelberg called me. That’s Little Yves Hüsler for those who don’t know. He was at the top of Mount Titlis with Oskar Enander and Linus Archibald. It was sunny. He was drinking a beer. That’s not ok…

Little Yves. Little beer.

Oct 12

Two covers

Had a sweet week publicity wise. First I got the cover of Swedish bike magazine Kadens. I was in Rörbäcksnäs with photographer Daniel Rönnbäck to do a story on the biking there. So, the story is in the magazine. Buy it and read it. And go to Rörbäcksnäs! It’s a cool place, with ridiculously good single tracks.

This morning I saw Oskar Enander poster a picture on Facebook. It was my second cover this week. Japanese BravoSki decided to run one of Oskar’s shots on their front page. Stoked for that! It’s from a run in Haines, AK. Fun run! I was, as you can see, sliding a lot. Ha ha.

Click the pictures for bigger images!