May 13


Last week me, Per Jonsson, Robin Andersson and Lars-åke Krantz went and climbed the 1000 vertikal meter Novatindsrenna, that apparently don’t get skied that often. It was a good day! Here’s a short video from the day. Share it if you like it! Stokes of the day was the skiing, and my new Blizzard Scout. Awesome! It’s like a Cochise, but no metal and lighter. A real ski, but light.

May 13


Went for a hike the other day together with Direktör Jonsson, Robin Andersson and L-Å. Good times! Edit and more photos coming soon.


Apr 13

Narvik powder

Long time since I was posting. But here are some shots from yesterday’s skiing in Narvik. I’m here together with Per Jonsson and photographer Markus Alatalo. Today’s greybird, but yesterday was RIDICULOUS. Happy.

Apr 13

Fun gangshred in Engelberg

Had such a fun day with a good gangshred here in Engelberg. It was me, Per Jonsson, Edvard Berg, Wille Lindberg, Patrick Vuagnat, Peter Nilsson, Linus Archibald, Jesper Robertsson and some other people. Good times! Inspiring with a bunch of fun riders to shred with, and hopefully we’ll get some vision tomorrow so that we can continue!

I skied on the 196 Bodacious the last days, but went back to the 186 today. For this kind of skiing, that was better. Fun! Stable, but still short and more playful than the more kick ass 196.

Mar 13

Luminou – new short film from Winter Project

Here’s a new short film from Winter Project – Luminou. If you haven’t seen the movie In Space from Junkies on a budget, this is totally fresh material. Have a look, and enjoy a fresh view on the genre. Other riders are Per Jonsson, Adam Falk, Simon Ericson and Jesper Tjäder.

Feb 13

Andermatt gang shred

Have been to the neighbor resort Andermatt a couple of days now, shredding with the Björk Brothers, Kristoffer Turdell, Eric Zeller and some more locals. Here are some pictures. Good times! Click on the photos for captions if you’re reading at Freeride.se.

Sep 12

Sushi Masters 2012

Per and Chris just visited us. I had some salmon, and Per had the proper sushi kit. After eating sausage for a couple of days, sushi was pretty nice.


Jul 12

JOB action trailer

I got a mail from Nico Zacek the other day, telling me that the Junkies On a Budget-trailer was on it’s way. Now that I saw it, I know it’s gonna be a sick movie! Take a look here:

I’m a part of the Winter Project-team, together with Simon Eriksson, Adam Falk, Per Jonsson and filmer Nicke Jacobsson. Looking forward to see the whole movie!

May 12

Riks + iPhone

Just some iPhone shots from the last days… Captions tells the story.

Me: Biking and stretching.
Photographer: Biceps.

Alex Björk: Just looking dope.

Don’t know why, but I like this pic. And I like my Helldorado.


The furniture here in Riks have been changed since last year. And right here, you can see that a genius have been involved!

On my Instagram I wrote: “You think it’s b&w, but it’s just Riks.”

The mother of all filtallrikar is a good start of the day!

Passed by Gunde in his new caravan. It has a toilet!!! I had to sit pee to try it. Worked good!

Jeppekool was there too. Stoked on Gunde’s pillow-shoes. Dope!

Yesterday we went on a sled mission. We did some filming, and Adam and Nicke did The Airplane. No big success though…

On the way home.

Got new shoes! Feels almost like summer.

This little fellow was outside our window at 05.15. He found our chicken. We let him have it.

We thought we were on a safe distance from the cornice, but when Adam fell into this hole, we stayed some extra meters away…

Went out with the heli today. Got a couple of runs, the this came in. Bummer.

So me and Per-Gunde had a product meeting, comparing this years’ goggles with next years.

Another product I’m pretty darn stoked on is the new The North Face ABS pack. Really good! Like a normal, awesome Patrol 24, but with a life insurance built into it.

On the way home.

Even though the shitfuck came in before lunch, this is still how I’d sum up the day. Good times!

May 12

Epic day in Riksgränsen

Filming for JOB continues, and yesterday was really good. Me, Adam and Per did our best in front of the lens, and Nicke from Winter Project and Daniel Rönnbäck were shooting sharp. I say nothing more. Look at the photos and read the captions instead.