Feb 14

Likebomb Skiing #2

Haven’t embedded this here yet. Pretty stoked that people seem to appreciate what me and the Glass Blower are doing!



And f you haven’t seen episode 1 – “The shitfuck Episode”, that’s here:


Dec 13

Last day in Engelberg

Was really lucky and went up with Daniel Furberg today. We got some unexpected pow. Happy for that!

Now I’m on the airport, and will hopefully fly home soon. Seems like the weather in Stockholm ain’t too good, so I guess we’ll see…

Can you spot Daniel? It wasn't super deep, but soft and fast. I actually prefer that...


Bye bye Laub... See you in a week hopefully!


Always miss the mountains when I'm not there. But gonna be good to get home to Höjden too. It's gonna be a lot of work to get the next Alpinkultur ready, but hope to get some time off for climbing and chilling and eating too.


Gonna carry this turn with me home for the coming week though. Some comfort in the computer jungle... Thanks for the photo Daniel.

Aug 13

Sweetgrass trailer

Sweetgrass did it again. Their new trailer is nothing else than magic. See. Enjoy. Share.

Feb 13

Andermatt gang shred

Have been to the neighbor resort Andermatt a couple of days now, shredding with the Björk Brothers, Kristoffer Turdell, Eric Zeller and some more locals. Here are some pictures. Good times! Click on the photos for captions if you’re reading at Freeride.se.

Jan 13

Pillow photo blog

So tired… But here’s a photo blog with some pillows. Read the captions to find out what we’ve been up to the last days!

Shredding pillows today was really fun. But the greatest stoke was that some people moved from the house, and I immediately moved over to the race car bed. Have been aching for it for a week... Yes!


Jan 13

Cloudy powder in Mürren

It was high and low in Mürren today. Cloudy, but with some powder, so I think Schenholm got a couple of shots. It’s been pretty warm though, so it’s hard to find good snow. But, it’s still so beautiful here. Nice or not, tomorrow morning we leave for Haslital. And it’s gonna be sweet to see what they have to offer!

For more, check out Matilda’s blog. And for blasts from the past, check mine.

Jan 13

Back in the powder

Haven’t been much proper blogging lately and… Well, that’s bad. So – big comeback today! Ha ha.

On new year’s day, I drove the 2000 km to Engelberg. Felt sad to leave Bea, but are really motivated for shredding pow and getting the legs going again!

Early this morning, me and Matilda Rapaport drove to Mürren, to hook up with photographer Fredrik Schenholm and journalist Anders Wingqvist. So today we did some scoping, some skiing, and a little bit of shooting in the very changing light conditions before the bad clouds came in. Good to be here though! It’s such a beautiful place. Look at the photos, and read the captions to understand.

If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you have to click the shots to read the captions.

Oct 12


Sweet edit from Winter Project and Junkies On a Budget. A small medley from the shoots this winter.

Oct 12

Two covers

Had a sweet week publicity wise. First I got the cover of Swedish bike magazine Kadens. I was in Rörbäcksnäs with photographer Daniel Rönnbäck to do a story on the biking there. So, the story is in the magazine. Buy it and read it. And go to Rörbäcksnäs! It’s a cool place, with ridiculously good single tracks.

This morning I saw Oskar Enander poster a picture on Facebook. It was my second cover this week. Japanese BravoSki decided to run one of Oskar’s shots on their front page. Stoked for that! It’s from a run in Haines, AK. Fun run! I was, as you can see, sliding a lot. Ha ha.

Click the pictures for bigger images!

Sep 12

Winter Project Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Winter Project’s part in the Junkies On a Budget movie. The first action shot is of me. Fun cliff in Riksgränsen! Don’t forget the Scandinavian Premiere on Debaser Medis on the 21:st of September. More info HERE.

Fun air in Riksgränsen.