Aug 12

Amateur and pro

AMATEUR: One of my sweet sponsors (The North Face) are gonna start with some kind of monthly updates. I’m doing mine like a small edit. Here are some screen-shots. You think they will like it?


PRO: I also saw that Transition.se posted a sweet video from Rhythm. I don’t know what that is, but I liked the video! My good friend Rolf Nylinder from Frontside Fly was skating smooth. I like his style. (Hope it’s ok I have an opinion, even though I don’t know shit about skateboarding). Take a look:


Jun 12

Lapland iPhone shots

Some more shots from the trip I had to Lapland last week. Me and Katapulto hooked up with the Frontside Fly guys to catch some big trouts and arctic chars. But, the big mayfly hatches never happened, so we just drank a lot of knert, coffee and people-beer, and had a good time instead!

May 12

Dry or Die

This is the last episode from Vindelälven. My friend Rolf Nylinder from Frontside Fly made the movie, and Stefan Ågren is the other fisherman (with the better style). Enjoy, and Dry or Die.

Oct 11

Tentacle full movie, and a thought about the Olympics

I don’t know any of the guys behind Random Bastards, but I know one of their riders – Rolf Nylinder. And since he’s both a kick ass snowboarder, and flyfisher, I think you should check this movie out! Tentacle:

And on the question “Are the Olympics good for skiing and snowboarding?”, I think it’s good to take a look at this Olympic-style move, and ask yourself that question again:

Jun 11

DoD in Lapland

Have been a couple of good weeks. Been shooting a lot of pictures, but just got them in the computer, so I haven’t edited many of them. Here are a few of them though, from a trip up to Lapland with Stefan Ågren and Rolf Nylinder from Frontside Fly. And today – you getting a bonus pic too!