Dec 13

Big Engelberg photo blog

Don’t know if I should write that much. Look at the pictures instead, and click them for captions if you’re reading at Freeride.se.

But well… I’ve been in Engelberg a while now, and the conditions are pretty horrible. But it’s fun!

New toys for stoke are first of all a Panasonic GH3. Pretty amazing little thing… I normally shoot with the LX7, cause it fits in my pocket, but have been trying the GH3 some now. Really cool cam. For shooting, but even better for filming.

Also stoked on… all new gear! Ha ha. Fun with the Blizzard Cochise, cause they’re so solid in these conditions. Ah… I’ll write more later. Here are some pics:

Dec 13

Engelberg shred

Got back from the Blizzard/Tecnica sales meeting now. Had some good days there! Sweet to be back again though. Been shredding with The Demon (Erik Sunnerheim) and Daniel Furberg a couple of days now. Good times, even though it’s now that epic conditions any longer.

Just had dinner with Kang Poles dudes and team at Ski Lodge Engelberg. If you haven’t seen their poles, check them out. Really sweet!

Dec 13

Another epic day

Today was another epic day, but short, and sweet! Had three good runs with Oskar EnanderDaniel Furberg, Petter Widén, Matilda Rapaport and Piers Solomon. Then at 11 I went down and drove to the Tecnica / Blizzard sales meeting. Meetings aren’t as fun as shredding, but I was really stoked on seeing all the new next level gear here. Gonna ski all tomorrow. WOHO!



Nov 13

Shredding pow with a world champion

Another, even more, ridiculously good day today. Was shredding with good people today again. Mostly with Freeride World Tour champion (2012, and 2:nd 2013) Reine Barkered. Good times! Hooked up with Petter Widén, Daniel Furberg and the Unfiltered guys for the last runs. Epic day! Here are some shots:

Apr 13

Engelberg above the clods

Had a sweet day in Engelberg (partly) above the clods, together with some local shredders I don’t ski with that often. Good times! Here are som pictures.

Feb 13


Have been down in the village a few days now, being sick. It’s kind of weird, cause I can’t remember last time sickness kept me away from skiing for this long. It’s only a week, but it still sucks. My lungs are hurting, and I’m coughing like hell.

Anyway, today I went up on the mountain with Patrick Vuagnat, and up there we hooked up with Simpa, Linus Archibald and Mattias Hargin. I didn’t really have any expectations, but I got so surprised!

I ve been skiing the 186 Blizzard Bodacious since new years, but went back to the 196 today, and… I really like it. I like long skis! The 186 is perfect for most people I guess, and I really like shredding on it in Canada. But it just feels easier for me to have a longer ski. More stable.

Also went back to a fleece jacket I kind of forgot that I had – The North Face Radish Mid Layer (check last picture). It’s a fleece with a tight hood, that I use as balaclava. My favorite. No snow down the neck!

Well, check the pics. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click the photos to read the captions.

Dec 12

Andermatt dala shred

I have two very good friends visiting here. Hansiii and Ryvangs. Good times! Engelberg was closed today, but Ski Lodge Engelberg’s “Powder Express” is always ready for a mission to some other resort, so we went to Andermatt, and actually had a really good day in the bushes!

Dec 12

Best day this season!

Today was such a fun day! Was gangshredding with my Hausfrau Matilda Rapaport, Tom-Oliver, Piers Solomon, Wille Lindberg, Olof Larsson and some more dudes. Watched Oskar Enander shoot some great pics, and then went to Ski Lodge Engelberg for a well deserved (but small) après. Finished the evening with burgers at the Paradiesli Beach Boys. Sweet!

Jan 11

Video from the first trip

As I said earlier: sorry for not updating. Here’s a little video from my last two visits at the doctor – positive results! This made me get my shit together, and go on a small shoot for The North Face. Had some good days with… Oh, wait, I already wrote this. Whatever…

Yesterday I had an über sweet five course dinner at Ski Lodge Engelberg. One of Sweden’s most famous chefs, Paul Svensson, was guest chef this weekend. Together with Ski Lodge’s own Jonas Bolling, and SVD’s famous wine specialist Jens Dolk, he created magic.