May 13

Backflip day

Epic backflip afternoon in Riksgränsen today. Was shredding with Wille and some hard charging kids from the jib academy in Kiruna. Fun times! Wille shot this small back of me:


May 13


Went for a hike the other day together with Direktör Jonsson, Robin Andersson and L-Å. Good times! Edit and more photos coming soon.


Apr 13

Narvik powder

Long time since I was posting. But here are some shots from yesterday’s skiing in Narvik. I’m here together with Per Jonsson and photographer Markus Alatalo. Today’s greybird, but yesterday was RIDICULOUS. Happy.

Apr 13

Fun gangshred in Engelberg

Had such a fun day with a good gangshred here in Engelberg. It was me, Per Jonsson, Edvard Berg, Wille Lindberg, Patrick Vuagnat, Peter Nilsson, Linus Archibald, Jesper Robertsson and some other people. Good times! Inspiring with a bunch of fun riders to shred with, and hopefully we’ll get some vision tomorrow so that we can continue!

I skied on the 196 Bodacious the last days, but went back to the 186 today. For this kind of skiing, that was better. Fun! Stable, but still short and more playful than the more kick ass 196.

Apr 13

Engelberg above the clods

Had a sweet day in Engelberg (partly) above the clods, together with some local shredders I don’t ski with that often. Good times! Here are som pictures.

Apr 13

Utah shredding and fishing

Shredding and fishing?! Yep… I feel that I’ve been so lucky lately. Got to go to Alta for a meeting with Tecnica and Blizzard. Super nice to meet the guys over there, test some new skis, talk about the future, and just have a good time. Made some new friends, and got to ski with some truly amazing skiers. And I’m not only talking about the athletes, but all the guys at the meeting. Such good times!

Paid a visit to the Soulpole factory one night. Got to do our own poles! Awesome. Thanks Bryon!

Also got to ski a new prototype from Blizzard. Can’t say that much, but I’m stoked as HELL on that ski.

And to top a kind of perfect week off, I got to go fish the Green River together with some great fishermen. It was too good to be true almost. AMAZING place. So greatful… Thank you so much Mike and Brian for taking me with you! And Jed, Bart and Stefano too. Had a very, very good day.

So, here are a lot of pictures. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click the photos to read the captions, which you should.

Apr 13

Utah meeting and shred

Have been in Alta, Utah, for a couple of days now. Don’t know if it’s the greatest snow on earth at the moment, but yesterday was really fun! And we got some faceshots.

I’m here on a meeting and ski test with Tecnica and Blizzard. Really cool to try all the skis, and also a new prototype that’s just… YES! Stoked to try that more. So fun.

Haven’t been shooting that much, but here are a couple of photos from the last days. Pictures are not in order, don’t know why…

Mar 13

Glacier Express day 1 – St Moritz

Just started a mission together with Sverre LiliequistChristoffer Sjöström and Kina Zeidler. We’re doing the Glacier Express for the Swedish newspaper SvD and some other magazines. Had our first day shooting yesterday, and it went about as good as it could with the conditions we have here. It’s good at some places, but we had to search for them…

Today it’s overcast, and no new snow, so we’re gonna shoot some diamonds and other St Moritz stuff. It’s kind of fun to see this town. So different from… me, and what I normally do. But, you can always learn something from it. Here are some pics from yesterday. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click the pictures to see the captions.

Oh! And I must nog forget to say BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Matilda Rapaport, who I’m living together with in Engelberg. She got a wildcard to Verbier Extreme, and managed to win the competition. So awesome! Happy for her, but not surprised.

Mar 13

Engelberg – powder – St Moritz

Had a good morning today, shredding powder in Engelberg with Mattias Hargin and Sponkan from Ski Lodge Engelberg. Then I packed my gear, and now I’m in St Moritz with Sverre Liliequist and Christoffer Sjöström. Gonna do the Glacier Express. A good week coming up!


Mattias Hargin in the blue morning light. Snow's ok in Engelberg now...


Was preeetty hard to leave Engelberg to do this for half a day. But hopefully it will pay off tomorrow!

Mar 13

Powder and shooting

Engelberg had a couple of really good days now. It’s been deep powder, and I’ve been shooting some together with Mattias Fredriksson. It’s been me, Oskar Scherlin (Who I haven’t met before. Nice guy!), Mattias girlfriend Elle, and Sebastian Garhammer. Good crew! Here are a couple of photos. More coming. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click photos for captions.