Jul 13


In Stockholm now, but are on my way back up to DANSBANDSVECKAN. Hell yeah. Ha ha ha. Have had two days of good biking down here though, even if Pape almost kills me every time we bike…

Here’s one shot from today, and some more from the last weeks of fishing.

Pape. The pain loving bike deamon.

Jul 13


Some more photos from Lapland. Their shot with a pocket camera, but I’m really stoked on how a couple of them turned out!

Here’s a video from super talent Rolf Nylinder that I forgot to post earlier. It’s from a DoD trip to Slovenia this spring. Rolf is the master mind behind Frontside Fly. Follow them/us.


Jul 13


I sometimes joke and say that I’m a pro skier just so I can get time off and flyfish during summer. If I would be making more money, I guess it would be true. The situation now, though, is that fishing is kind of turning into a job too, since I started writing for some magazines. In another life I might get rich, if that’s good, I don’t know…


Just got back from a couple of weeks in the Swedish mountains. Been fishing with my mentor and good friend Stefan Ågren, solid part of the FrontsideFly-crew, and photographer Hans Johansson, who’s magic behind the lens (he’s mainly a still photographer, but made this video:

a couple of years ago, when we had a sweet day in Lungsjöån), a skilled flyfisher, and a good force to have when me and Stefan can’t behave.

Biggest gear-stoke on the trip is a new sleeping bag I got, The North Face Hightail 2S. 850 down makes it super small and light, but still warm enough. Stoked! And it didn’t come as a big surprise that my new Orvis Helios 2 rod worked extremely well either. One level up for my casting and feeling when fishing.

I thought I’d just post about ten pictures a time from these weeks. Here are the first:


Mar 13

Dry or Die

Bought several magazines that made me stoked today. Latest issue of Flugfiakefeber was one of them, where my fishing mentor Stefan Ågren from Frontside Fly write an article on Dry or Die. Stoked that a couple of my trouts made the photo cut, and that I got to say my meaning on DoD!


Aug 12

A couple of videos

Part four or the mtb instruction video from Canyon and Kadens. “Stökig terräng” is my specialty in life. Ha ha.

And then I found this video of Stefan Ågren from Frontside Fly, doing his version of the Ephemera Vulgata. He’s fast goddammit!

Last days has been some biking, and some work. I’m finding new routes in Nackareservatet and Sicklaskiftet all the time, so I’m so stoked on biking. My biking partner in crime, Pape, also wants me to starts on a really serious schedule, so that I can start compete, and get as fast as he is. I don’t know… Biking is good for legs and knees and… pretty much everything. So maybe it’s not a bad idea.

Anyway, have to get back to a Whistler story with a deadline that’s closing in really fast. Here are some phone shots:

Jul 12

Small video

Have been out fishing with Hansiii and some Frontside Fly guys (Ågren and Spade) for about ten days now. And… this is when we normally wake up:

Jul 12

Into the wild

Two days ago I left Stockholm, and now we’re quite a bit up north. Picked up Hasse in Malung yesterday morning. Stopped in Marja-land yesterday where we hooked up with Marja Persson and Gösta Fries. Had a super nice evening, and it was good to see Marja catch some trouts on her new fly rod. Good times!!!

Now we’re on the road north. I’m happy…

Bread. Beer. Cheese. We have coffee. That’s all we need!

I was worried about the car here. And it got worse… But it all went fine!

Marja and Gösta told us they left a hint, so that we would take the right path. Thank you!

We saw some of these, but then a rain storm kind of killed it…

Marja was killing it!

Jun 12

Lapland iPhone shots

Some more shots from the trip I had to Lapland last week. Me and Katapulto hooked up with the Frontside Fly guys to catch some big trouts and arctic chars. But, the big mayfly hatches never happened, so we just drank a lot of knert, coffee and people-beer, and had a good time instead!

May 12

Dry or Die

This is the last episode from Vindelälven. My friend Rolf Nylinder from Frontside Fly made the movie, and Stefan Ågren is the other fisherman (with the better style). Enjoy, and Dry or Die.

Jun 11

DoD in Lapland

Have been a couple of good weeks. Been shooting a lot of pictures, but just got them in the computer, so I haven’t edited many of them. Here are a few of them though, from a trip up to Lapland with Stefan Ågren and Rolf Nylinder from Frontside Fly. And today – you getting a bonus pic too!