Apr 12

Oh well…

When you go to a destination, you always have a time window. There’s always a date when you have to go home. Sometimes you kill it within that timeframe, and sometimes you don’t. That’s the name of the game… We got some good stuff in Haines, but not as much as we wanted. Just a little bit of bad luck with mini-injuries in the group, and too much sun, is enough to make difference between success and mediocre.

Enough of the whining! I’m back in Euroland now. Sitting in Zurich Airport and waiting for my skis, that didn’t make the same flight as me… Engelberg didn’t have the same problem as AK, since it seems like it have been snowing a lot there! So, stoked to ski tomorrow after sitting on my ass for ten days!

Something else to check out is the new TimeLine episode from Xavier and the muppets. Take a look at that HERE and some iPhone shots:

Apr 12

Slingshooting and crab grilling

Just some more photos from when we visited the Field guys a couple of days ago. Filip, Espen, Tom, Asmund and Asbjorn gave us a warm welcome. Now that I made a couple of blogs about them, they might hate me though, since blogging is too untrue for these bad asses… We’ll just see I guess!

Apr 12

Waiting game…

Sitting in the same room, waiting for the same snow, with same Oskar, Stephan and Ben. Don’t know if it’s gonna happen… It was raining today though, so hopefully it started getting better again. We’re hoping for that. Here are som iPhone shots of what we’ve been up to lately:

A lot of stuff to look at in Alaska. Like this boat.

This setup have kind of become “my” setup. I like the mug best.

This cat always tries to get in if there’s an open window or door. Here she’s (he’s?) super bummed after being thrown out. It tried to eat stuff…


I’ve been running (jogging) a bit the last days. Good for keeping the cabin fever away. Here I got to a dead end, so I chilled for a bit.

I asked if I could buy this gentlemen’s jacket. I could not. Bummer.

Trying to keep the heli-belly away. But this is the only meal where I was successful in terms of healthieness I’m afraid of…


Hung out a bit with Field Productions yesterday. Started of with some manly action. Here’s the master boss Filip Christensen going for the kill. Everybody nailed it, except me.

Espen, Tom and some fresh crab. Sweet!

The Field guys had awesome landlords, who invited us to their home. They also had an awesome dog. Fun little… thing.

Great minds think alike.

I hang out too much with my iPhone, and sometimes I wish a monster would come and eat it, so that I could focus more on real things.

Let-me-think-one-second – NO.

We missed it. Darn.

If the Hercules plate is taken, I normally go for the bear.


Too much good heli-belly-building stuff here…

So I’m trying to move my ass a bit every day. The jog starts here.

Went for a massage today. I enjoyed looking into that note in the ceiling. We need some pep-talk here. I also enjoyed getting properly beat up in the too many stiff parts of my body.

And I got to lie down on probably to coolest blanket ever. Wolf, bear AND fish. Sweet lord…

I like how some dirty water can deliver such a clear reflection…

Swedish pancakes for dinner today. Liked it.

Now it’s passed bedtime. Goodnight.

Apr 12

The Path of Love

A couple of days ago I went on a hike with Stephan. It was so romantic, I almost turned gay for one afternoon. Ah, not really, but it was a beautiful trail, and someone had marked it it a nice way. It kind of made me happy. More happy than gay actually. Watch the gallery and you see what I mean.

We’re still waiting for snow here. Ben’s in his room. Me, Oskar and Stephan are in our room. Start snowing now goddammit!!!

Apr 12

Alaska photo blog

Having the second down day here in Haines. Carston Oliver went home a couple of days ago, and we’re waiting for Bryce Phillips to replace him. And we need a reset. There’s some good snow left, but it’s getting really hard to find it… The rest of the crew still in Haines – Oskar Enander, Stephan Drake and Ben Sturgulewski from Sweetgrass Productions – are not as tough today as yesterday (Ben’s looking good though), and I’m the only one without a hanover. Feels pretty good… I might as well stop write, and have you looking at the pictures instead. If you’re reading my blog at Freeride.se, you have to click the photos to read the captions.

Apr 12

Heli pics

Just a faaast blog, cause I’m on my way to go fishing with Xavier and the TimeLine muppets. But here are a couple of pics from the first heli day:


Apr 12


So tired now. But thought I should post two iPhone pics of what we’re doing. Loading the heli (me), and dropping in (Stephan):



Jan 12

Video from our Alaska trip

Here’s a beautiful video from our trip to Alaska last April. Ben Sturgulewski from Sweetgrass Productions put some mellow clips together, to show the love we have to the last light: