Sep 11

Murder attempt

This may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s true. Yesterday I went biking with my friend Pape, who’s really fast on his bike. We just kept on biking and biking, and way too fast. After a couple of hours I started to hallucinate, and I begged that we would turn around and go back home. But my whispers were too weak…

Ok, maybe he didn’t try to murder me. But! I was so tired I almost started crying at one point. Guess it’s good for me though!

Today I’m gonna cook dinner with my food-mongo-friend Starving Mason, and it’s gonna be good! Before that, we’re gonna go out to Lidingö a cheer for our ladies, who are running the 30 km race “Lidingöloppet” today. I’m proud of Bea! (And I’m gonna try to see if me and Starving can make a bet about who’s got the fastest girlfriend. We’ll see…)