Mar 13

Glacier Express day 1 – St Moritz

Just started a mission together with Sverre LiliequistChristoffer Sjöström and Kina Zeidler. We’re doing the Glacier Express for the Swedish newspaper SvD and some other magazines. Had our first day shooting yesterday, and it went about as good as it could with the conditions we have here. It’s good at some places, but we had to search for them…

Today it’s overcast, and no new snow, so we’re gonna shoot some diamonds and other St Moritz stuff. It’s kind of fun to see this town. So different from… me, and what I normally do. But, you can always learn something from it. Here are some pics from yesterday. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click the pictures to see the captions.

Oh! And I must nog forget to say BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Matilda Rapaport, who I’m living together with in Engelberg. She got a wildcard to Verbier Extreme, and managed to win the competition. So awesome! Happy for her, but not surprised.

Mar 13

Engelberg – powder – St Moritz

Had a good morning today, shredding powder in Engelberg with Mattias Hargin and Sponkan from Ski Lodge Engelberg. Then I packed my gear, and now I’m in St Moritz with Sverre Liliequist and Christoffer Sjöström. Gonna do the Glacier Express. A good week coming up!


Mattias Hargin in the blue morning light. Snow's ok in Engelberg now...


Was preeetty hard to leave Engelberg to do this for half a day. But hopefully it will pay off tomorrow!

Mar 13

Magazines and dinners

Flew back from Stockholm to Engelberg today. Sitting and waiting for my luggage, that I thought would be here already. Lost luggage sucks so bad…

Jun 12

Biking to Sverre

Been on a couple of missions today. Did some computer work this morning, then I went to the Canyon Bicycles headquarters to get some help from the mechanic/magician Gurra. After that I went straight back, and then took the bike to Älgö, where me and Bea had dinner with Sverre and Hanna + sister. Good times!

Gurra is the man when you have a bike problem.

Half way, on Älgö, and at Sverre’s place.

Jun 12

Volkswagen golf competition

Today Sverre and me played a sweet Volkswagen golf competition at Bro Hof. It’s fancy at hell, so me and Sverre blended in just peeerfect! Ha ha. I haven’t played in four years or do, and… But I did one par! And plenty of triples…


Liliequist dominating the scene.


What? You didn’t expect me to walk!?

Feb 12

Rails and talking

Glöm inte att komma ut till Volkswagen på Malaxgatan 2 idag. Jag och Sverre ska prata om våra liv som skidåkare. Vill du inte lyssna på oss, så kör lite rails i parken vi byggt, eller spana in lite sköna bilar. Extraerbjudande står som spön i backen!


Jan 11


Hanging out in the Ski Lodge reception with Sverre Liliequist. Waiting for the Adam W, Erik F and Mattias F. Them we’re going up to shoot. Gonna be a good day!

Nov 10


Went to Stockholm today to visit the KASK office. Met Sverre, and he gave me this sweet hat and some other cool gear. New goggles are king! Now I’m off to the royal library to read 100 magazines. Ciao!