Feb 14

Nelson, Canada

I’m in Nelson, BC. It’s very cold, and haven’t snowed in ages. But I still love Nelson!

Feb 13

Back in Engelberg

Some shots from the last day in Nelson, and first day in Engelberg. And in between…

Jan 13

Mini shred

Snow here around Nelson is reeeaaally getting hard to work with. I’ve been claiming powder for the last days, when the locals call the conditions “hardpack”. But now I actually have to admit – hardpack. We still found some good mini shred in zone not too far away today. Good fun! Jumped some cliffs, and we tried to be creative with some other stuff now when the snow ain’t blower. My bad shape kind of caught up with me though, and eight straight days of skiing seems to be enough, so probably taking tomorrow off. The Sweetgrass house get some new jib talent in the house soon though, so the filming continues with a more jiby touch.

Jan 13


We’re trying pretty hard to get stuff done here in Nelson. It’s been difficult, since it’s a long time since the last snowfall. But we’re shooting stuff you don’t want to shoot when conditions are epic, so it’s good times anyway! Trying to be creative.

The rest of the Sweetgrass crew, Nick Waggoner and Michael Brown, just came back from the Sentry Lodge, where they have been filming Kye Petersen, Eric Hjorleifson, and Zack Giffin. Dream team, and dream snow. Saw some of the footage, and… Next level footage.

Some pocket camera shots (if you’re reading at Freeride.se, you have to click the pics to read the captions):


Jan 13

Shredding moguls

Had a fun day shredding moguls with Molly Baker today. The conditions right now are fun for skiing, if you ask me. If you ask all the spoiled North Americans here, I guess they say it sucks. Ha ha. Read captions for more. I took some shots of the people hanging out in the Sweetgrass Luxury Lodge too.

Jan 13

One more film day

Had one more film day with Sweetgrass today. Our crew was a little bit smaller, and apart from filmers Bobby and Jason, it was just me and Dave (check out his blog for some more action) today.

Conditions are super fun to shred in, but I think we need a reset for the filming. Hopefully it will come!

I feels good to be skinning all day long, but my legs are starting to feel it… So tomorrowI think I’m gonna have a day in the resort, just doing laps in the moguls. Gonna be fun! And I need to get my skiing more solid too, for sure…

Here are some shots from today. If you read at Freeride.se, you need to click the pictures to read the captions.

Jan 13

Started filming with Sweetgrass

So. Today was the first day of filming here in Nelson/Whitewater. Don’t know if I mentioned it, but that’s the reason I’m here – to shoot with Sweetgrass Productions, and I’m very, very happy for this. I think their trailer (below), is just… So next level good.

Anyway. Had a sweet day, even though the snow wasn’t waist deep. Haven’t really been skiing as much as I thought I would have at this point, so basically everything is extremely fun. And, I’m “a bit” less spoiled with deep pow that the other guys here.

The nice North Americans also gave me a nickname – Melinda. Thank you!

If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you have to click the photos to read the captions.

Jan 13


Yeah, I kind of ended up in Canada now… We’ll, I think it’s easiest if you just click the photos and read the captions… First some shots from our last days in Hasliberg last week.

Jun 12

Epic video

My friends from Sweetgrass Productions have made another epic edit. Swedish Freeride.se talked about it as the most beautiful edit ever. And yes, it might be.

Apr 12

Oh well…

When you go to a destination, you always have a time window. There’s always a date when you have to go home. Sometimes you kill it within that timeframe, and sometimes you don’t. That’s the name of the game… We got some good stuff in Haines, but not as much as we wanted. Just a little bit of bad luck with mini-injuries in the group, and too much sun, is enough to make difference between success and mediocre.

Enough of the whining! I’m back in Euroland now. Sitting in Zurich Airport and waiting for my skis, that didn’t make the same flight as me… Engelberg didn’t have the same problem as AK, since it seems like it have been snowing a lot there! So, stoked to ski tomorrow after sitting on my ass for ten days!

Something else to check out is the new TimeLine episode from Xavier and the muppets. Take a look at that HERE and some iPhone shots: