Aug 13

Sweetgrass trailer

Sweetgrass did it again. Their new trailer is nothing else than magic. See. Enjoy. Share.

Feb 13

Hospital and stitches

Finished the guide work for Ski Unlimited in Crystal Mountain a few days ago, and went back here to Nelson and Whitewater to shoot with Sweetgrass for a couple of more days. Unfortunately I ended up in the hospital today…

The last two days in Crystal Mountain were pretty awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bunch of people that stoked to ski! And that just makes me happy. Some had freeride skis, some had slope skis, and some had basic rental skis. But they all charged! I look at IT consultants in a new way now, that’s for sure.

Had one day of really fun filming. We did a “special shoot”. Fall 2013 you’ll see what that means. Yesterday we did a couple of sunset cliffs. Super fun! Even though I landed on rocks. They were steep rocks, so it was ok.

Today I went out early morning with photo wizard Adam Clark, who came here yesterday. Super stoked to get to shoot with him! But unfortunately just did it for 20 minutes or so. Then I hit some kind of anti-transition on a small cliff, and punched my knee to my chin, and had to go and get some stitches. Seven I think it looks like…

Read the captions for details. If you’re looking at my blog at Freeride.se, you have to click the pictures to read the caption.

Jan 13

Pillow photo blog

So tired… But here’s a photo blog with some pillows. Read the captions to find out what we’ve been up to the last days!

Shredding pillows today was really fun. But the greatest stoke was that some people moved from the house, and I immediately moved over to the race car bed. Have been aching for it for a week... Yes!


Jan 13

Mini shred

Snow here around Nelson is reeeaaally getting hard to work with. I’ve been claiming powder for the last days, when the locals call the conditions “hardpack”. But now I actually have to admit – hardpack. We still found some good mini shred in zone not too far away today. Good fun! Jumped some cliffs, and we tried to be creative with some other stuff now when the snow ain’t blower. My bad shape kind of caught up with me though, and eight straight days of skiing seems to be enough, so probably taking tomorrow off. The Sweetgrass house get some new jib talent in the house soon though, so the filming continues with a more jiby touch.

Jan 13

Epic day in Nelson

Have been an epic day here in Nelson today. Started off a little slow, but ended really nice! Sweetgrass‘ filmer Jason, and still sharp shooter Max Lowe, got some good shots, and I got tired as hell.

Really stoked on a lot of my new gear, but I think the most comes out of the new Tecnica boots I started using – the Cochise 130 Pro. It’s the first boot I have with walk mode. I’ve always just had regular boots before. But… Jesus… Such a big difference uphill, and… NO difference downhill. Just the way it should be!

Early wake up call tomorrow, so I should probably clean up my teeth and go to bed…

Jan 13

Started filming with Sweetgrass

So. Today was the first day of filming here in Nelson/Whitewater. Don’t know if I mentioned it, but that’s the reason I’m here – to shoot with Sweetgrass Productions, and I’m very, very happy for this. I think their trailer (below), is just… So next level good.

Anyway. Had a sweet day, even though the snow wasn’t waist deep. Haven’t really been skiing as much as I thought I would have at this point, so basically everything is extremely fun. And, I’m “a bit” less spoiled with deep pow that the other guys here.

The nice North Americans also gave me a nickname – Melinda. Thank you!

If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you have to click the photos to read the captions.

Jan 12

Oskar’s shred video

Just saw that my friends’ over in Whitewater are finally getting pounded! Sweetgrass and Oskar Enander are for sure getting good shots now! Make sure you look at the whole video: