Nov 12

Mission Antarctic

If you haven’t watched this site, you should: Mission Antarctic. It’s Xavier de le Rue and the rest of the TimeLine muppets (Tero and Guido), together with Lucas Debari and Renan Ozturk. In other words: a bunch of mega talented people. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram under #missionantarctic. Here’s the trailer:

Apr 12

Alaska photo blog

Having the second down day here in Haines. Carston Oliver went home a couple of days ago, and we’re waiting for Bryce Phillips to replace him. And we need a reset. There’s some good snow left, but it’s getting really hard to find it… The rest of the crew still in Haines – Oskar Enander, Stephan Drake and Ben Sturgulewski from Sweetgrass Productions – are not as tough today as yesterday (Ben’s looking good though), and I’m the only one without a hanover. Feels pretty good… I might as well stop write, and have you looking at the pictures instead. If you’re reading my blog at Freeride.se, you have to click the photos to read the captions.