Dec 12


Me and Tom-Oliver just started something, that will develop into a few episodes during the winter. Here’s a first little glimpse. Spread it if you like it!


Dec 12

Gangshred in Engelberg

Such fun day today! Did some filming with Tom-Oliver and Matilda first, and then hooked up with Wille Lindberg and Olof Larsson for a couple of laps. So fun! Took one picture, and claim pocket camera banger. Ha ha. Also filmed Wille backflipping into the secret creed. Goood times!

Wille on a classic location.

Dec 12

Best day this season!

Today was such a fun day! Was gangshredding with my Hausfrau Matilda Rapaport, Tom-Oliver, Piers Solomon, Wille Lindberg, Olof Larsson and some more dudes. Watched Oskar Enander shoot some great pics, and then went to Ski Lodge Engelberg for a well deserved (but small) après. Finished the evening with burgers at the Paradiesli Beach Boys. Sweet!

Dec 12

Epic POW!

It’s not so hard to get up at 6.30 when you had a day like this yesterday:

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Jan 12

Next year’s clothes

Got new clothes from The North Face yesterday. Skied in them today, and they are SICK! So happy with the look of everything. Make sure you check out the Gonzo jacket for next year!

That’s a pose!

Tom-Oliver also got a new set. Here he’s trying it out in Engelberg a couple of hours ago. Good day!

Jan 12

Good days

Had another sweet day here in Engelberg. Good snow today, and I was a happy man!

Took a trip to Nordica in Stans after skiing, and got Tom-Oliver a pair of new boots. Think he will ski seven times better now.

Also talked to our fine friends at The North Face, and tomorrow we’re hopefully getting some more samples to try. Stoked! I love the ones I’m skiing in now, so are curious how the other stuff will work.

Here are some pictures from last days. And don’t forget to look at Oskar Enander’s video! He’s still in Canada with Sweetgrass, and it looks like they are killing it!

I can see that the pics are just in the wrong order… Guess it’s because it’s from camera and iPhone… But there’re still there!

Jan 12

Swedish video

My good friend Tom-Oliver Hedvall made this edit from his “Rehab Sessions” in Sweden. Looks sweet!

I’ve been in Sweden too. Rehabbing my shoulder (feels really good now actually), and moving the stuff into our new apartment. We’re slowly getting settled…

May 11

Good day

Today was another sweet day in Riksgränsen. Some shredding, and some filming. Normally I’m filming with the happy guys in Free Radicals, but today I was filming with the happy guys in Winter Project. Good times! Below is Wille Lindberg and Tom-Oliver Hedvall searching for a small trannie in front of Adam Falk.



Mar 11

The North Face Ski Challenge

Been in Val Thoréns for a couple of days now. Good times with judging the future of skiing in the competition, and hanging out with the crew from The North Face, and Tom-Oliver Hedvall.

France is special, as usual. Me and Keith shared “A room with a view”. Ha ha! And the lifts are also “French”. Here’s Tom-Oliver in the tunnel kind.

Safety information with the youngsters now!



Feb 11

This is skiing in Greece

Had a lot of good shots from Greece. In my opinion. Ha ha. Lots of… Greek shots, at least. Hard to thank everyone who helped us there. But it’s Kostis, Dimitris and Hotel Parnassos in Arachova/Parnassos. Achilleas, Janis, Werner, Akis & co in Valilitsa. John & co and Velouchi Free Ski Team in Karpenisi. This, plus so many more. Even though we had fog every day, we really enjoyed our stay! Some things that helped:

Oskar Enander’s photo skills.

Erik Henriksson’s film skills and computer (nerd) info.

Per Jonsson’s everlasting positive energy.

Tom-Oliver Hedvall’s jib skills.

It was a good crew. Maybe we go back there, when it’s better snow, and less fog.

Ah! Almost forgot. Got myself a new pair of headphones. Check out JAYS if you want smarter solutions and better sound. It’s the first time I was “Aha? Aha! Yes!” about a pair headphones. Buy ’em!

Here are some pics. Read the captions (if you’re reading at freeride.se, check my “real” blog instead):