Jun 12

Vulgata weekend

Went home early this Friday, and drove back to Dalarna. Always good to be in Bynn… Here are some iPhone shots of what went down. Went down? Ha ha. Camping went down, and here are some shots.

This is a so called “Dala Horse”, and it should give you positive vibes.

In the south of Dalarna… These dudes are a mix of skateboarders and raggare: skate-raggare. It’s a pretty funny mix… “a Audi” is pretty funny too. Ha ha.

An hour later we arrived in the true parts of Dalarna – the west, and Bynn. Here’s another kind of raggare.

The real ones! They don’t drive Audi, they drive big ass American cars, and get shitfaced and stare angry at people who don’t have big ass American cars. I like the true raggare.

I like my own, German Volkswagen even better though, and this is why. It’s a big car, that packs all my stuff, but drinks 0,4 – 0,45. Blue Motion – Hallelujah!

It’s also good for taking a stand. Dry or Die, my friends!

Bea followed me on this fishing trip. She didn’t bring a rod though, she brought a book, and her new Blue Kazoo sleeping bag. She bought it the other day, and said she could follow me anywhere, as long as we would stay in a tent. Fair enough.

I brought a rod though! And was hoping for the big Ephemera Vulgata to hatch. This sorry dude didn’t really make me happy though…

I still managed to trick this beauty to eat my fly. Here’s a small video. It was a 50 cm + fish, and the biggest I got in a couple of years I think…

This is the next day, and what we were looking for!

The fish didn’t want our flies any more though… But Hansi was tempted!

Cause they really look tasty…

Now I’m back in Stockholm, staring out the kitchen window, trying to forget about fishing and get in the deadline-match again. Coffee is the biggest inspiration!

Jun 12

Säveån photos

Came back from Säveån late last night. Really tired, but pretty happy. Had three nice days, but we had a little bad luck with the weather, so there weren’t any big hatches. We all got some nice trouts though, and Acapulco also got a new nick name – from now on he is Katapulto. We also made some new friends. Local hero Ulf Börjesson and his friend Lars-Åke Pålsson gave us some valuable tips about the fishing there, and also donated some flies to us less knowing masar. Thank you!!!

Don’t know if it’s that much more to say… Well! I’m stoked on the new waterproof daypack The North Face made. I’ve had drybags before, but not made as lightweight, comfortable backpacks. Sweet for a rainy day, or when I’m close to water. In other words; I will use it a lot!Also a never ending stoke on my Blue Motion VW Passat, that drinks close to nothing, even when it’s heavy loaded and are in a hurry.

Here are some shots from the last days:

Jun 12

Good times in Säveån

Me, Swimming Kluckis, Diving Acapulco and Finn-Hans is in Säveån on the first trout trip this year. Beautiful place, beautiful fish. Just a couple of iPhone shots:

On the road.

Planning and beering.

What we want to see – Ephemera Danica.

The North Faceare a new dry-bag backpack. Even dry flies li… Ah, never mind… The pack’s awesome though!


When it’s a little bit cold, a “knert” is very good to keep the spirit high!

Not super big, but very pretty…

I found this chair when I “was in emergency”. (it’s true) But there will be no “after” picture.

43 cm. bye bye. See you next year!

I found a new friend. Thumbs up for him! Or her.