Jun 13

Faces from The North Face Athlete Summit

Here are some photos I’ve been shooting today. It’s full on meetings all day long here in Xavier de le Rue’s house in Capbreton. My partners in crime is also Markus Eder, Sebastian Hanneman, Sam Smoothy, Marja Persson and the two Pou Brother came by too, even if they’re climbers and not in the snowsports team. Good times! The only problem we have, is that Flossie, who’s cooking the food together with her man, is doing it waaay too good, and I think I’m gaining 100 gram per hour. Ha ha.

Mar 13

FWT Fieberbrunn

Good times at the FWT in Fieberbrunn. But where is Xavier?! It’s Beer o’clock!


Dec 12


Had a bit too much to do lately, but it’s still been fun! Was in Sälen yesterday. Second day skiing. And it was actually quite fluffy! Engelberg seem ridiculous though, so it feels good to be heading down there in a couple of days…

I’m most stoked on the new movie from Xavier de le Rue and the rest of the TimeLine muppets – White Noise. Super honored to be featured in there even if it’s only a couple of turns. Check it out!

Went to a “pretty” weird second hand shop in Skarpnäck. But they had Dala Horses! I bought all they had. Four.

And also a “new” TV-pot. Equally stoked on that!

Got my pocket pistol back! It’s been broken for a year, but my dad left it to some true-dude who repaired it. Best companion on fishing trips…

And yesterday I went skiing in Sälen. Small hills, but so fun! I actually spent an hour shooting with Daniel Rönnbäck. Weird to do that in Sälen. But fun!

Nov 12

Mission Antarctic

If you haven’t watched this site, you should: Mission Antarctic. It’s Xavier de le Rue and the rest of the TimeLine muppets (Tero and Guido), together with Lucas Debari and Renan Ozturk. In other words: a bunch of mega talented people. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram under #missionantarctic. Here’s the trailer:

Apr 12

Oh well…

When you go to a destination, you always have a time window. There’s always a date when you have to go home. Sometimes you kill it within that timeframe, and sometimes you don’t. That’s the name of the game… We got some good stuff in Haines, but not as much as we wanted. Just a little bit of bad luck with mini-injuries in the group, and too much sun, is enough to make difference between success and mediocre.

Enough of the whining! I’m back in Euroland now. Sitting in Zurich Airport and waiting for my skis, that didn’t make the same flight as me… Engelberg didn’t have the same problem as AK, since it seems like it have been snowing a lot there! So, stoked to ski tomorrow after sitting on my ass for ten days!

Something else to check out is the new TimeLine episode from Xavier and the muppets. Take a look at that HERE and some iPhone shots:

Apr 12

Alaska photo blog

Having the second down day here in Haines. Carston Oliver went home a couple of days ago, and we’re waiting for Bryce Phillips to replace him. And we need a reset. There’s some good snow left, but it’s getting really hard to find it… The rest of the crew still in Haines – Oskar Enander, Stephan Drake and Ben Sturgulewski from Sweetgrass Productions – are not as tough today as yesterday (Ben’s looking good though), and I’m the only one without a hanover. Feels pretty good… I might as well stop write, and have you looking at the pictures instead. If you’re reading my blog at Freeride.se, you have to click the photos to read the captions.

Apr 12

Heli pics

Just a faaast blog, cause I’m on my way to go fishing with Xavier and the TimeLine muppets. But here are a couple of pics from the first heli day:


Apr 12


Arrived in Haines today. To tired to write anything now. But it’s good to see people here again! Was hanging out with Xavier and the TimeLine/Standard muppets before Oskar and Stephan came. Fun. Now: sleep.

Met the guys from Field Productions on the way here. Åsmund Thorsen is a character.

Apr 12

New TimeLine episode with me and Xavier

Three weeks ago, I had a couple of sweet days with Xavier de le Rue and the TimeLine muppets in Engelberg. Here’s their new episode, where Tero and Xavier goes through how a heli day is… done. It was good times! Good snow, but a bit unstable. Fun though, and that’s the most important thing! Here’s the video and some shots from Tero Repo:

Mar 12

Some more heli shots

Some more shots from the heli day last weekend. Thomas Odermatt, our guide, took the photos. Thanks again Xavier, Tero, Guido and Thomas!