Apr 10

The Roadtrip Continues

Hi, again.

The roadtrip was on it’s way to Lofoten two days ago. But due to stormy weather, we went the other direction, and are now in Borgafjäll. It’s always wonderful to come here, cause the surroundings are amazing, and the restaurant and hotel is super nice too.

Now we’re scoping jibs for Davide in the nearby villages. And we’re finding stuff. Everything is cool in Borgafjäll! Ha ha!

Oups, now Gösta say we need to go. Here are some pics from the last days up in the north:

Davide Cusini with a first fastplant (?) try close to Abisko.

Felt like when I was racing!

Gösta Fries.

Davide Cusini and Johan Olofsson in some new The North Face gear.

Marja Persson getting shot in some other.

This lady wanted to be in the shoot, but she didn't had next years clothes, but 1957's model. So we had to turn her down...

Niklas Allestig, Gösta Fries and Bergman.

"I'm not moving until the sun is coming out!"

This dude did NOT wanted to be in our shoot.

And now we're in Borgafjäll. Sweet place.

Apr 10

iPhone travel pics

Here are som pics from last days of travel and (looking at) skiing. Thanks to Abisko Mountain Lodge, Helitrans, Funäsdalsberget, Kallax Flyg and probably other people too. Laters!

Yes! I'll be there!

Gösta Fries with a love call home.

Fika in Storuman.

This couple drank their coffe next to us. Not a word. Then they went out to have a smoke. Not a word. I asked if I could take a picture. The man shook his head, so I shot and left.

An act of SATAN! Coffe without caffeine. Goddammit!!!

Johan Olofsson preparing for a sweet day.

Helitrans helped us with some transportation in Narvik. Thank you!

Gangesaxla, or something lite that. It's anyway a cool run!

Narvik. So beautiful...

View from Narvik ski resort.

One more...

We met Pancho Snöfall in Narvik! ( One of the founders of Free Radicals). Made us all really happy!

And we hit it on a tuesday! Cowboy dinner! PG got 30 sausages (for real). I got 28.

Not in the heli, but happy any way! Cause I have a pretty moustache!

We're staying here. Sweet!

Johan Olofsson chilling in the warmest jacket in the world. And surf shorts?

Nice t-shirt! "Ge fan i våra vatten" is a really cool thing. Google it!

"We'll take the big one, thank you."

Marja Persson chilling.

Davide Cusini preparing for a heli day in Abisko.

Apr 10

Free Radicals Funäsdalen shoot

Just a small update, again. It’s mostly pictures, from the Funäsdalen shoot, but also some from up north, where we’re at now. More coming.

Right now we’re at Abisko Mountain Lodge, and it’s a sweet place to spend some time! The owners Dick and Mina are taking good care of us! Laters…

The president of RVT - Jonas Wilhelmsson. He was taking good care of us in Funäsdalen!

He's got nice tattoos too.

Lukas Stål-Madison.

One, two, three! Tom-Oliver Hedvall, Erik Nordin and Lukas.


Filmer Erik Henriksson getting the angle.

Erik shooting Kristoffer Edwall.

Erik with "a little" sun protection.

Jon-E! King.

Kristoffer Edwall KILLING it.

Kristoffer Edwall on a pretty fun spot.


Tom-Oliver Hedvall testing the jump.


Lukas with a hand drag.

Apr 10


Just a quick update…

– I’m not on crutches. My injury was better than I thought. Sent my MR-pics to a specialist in Innsbruck. I’m not skiing until may, but I can use the leg for walking. Which is awesome. Crutches sucks…

Have been in Malung for Easter, and is stranded here until the beginning of the next week. My car is at the mechanic. “Bödil” is taking care of her. Feels safe.

On monday the roadtrip through Sweden continues! After the first stop in Kläppen, we’ll continue in Funäsdalen, and then we’re moving far up north. Sweet!

Here are some pics from the last week:

Christine, Niva and Rukas, who I lived with in Engelberg. Miss them...

Niva - the first kid ever to like me. Guess I'm gonna visit her in Stryn this summer!

Well... When you're injured, "dekaltrimma" is i fun thing to do.

I wrote a column in Brant Magazine. Read it.

And this was the first thing I saw when I came out of the apartment in Engelberg. Gonna miss this too...

YES! I got it!


Bag-in-box vodka. Doesn't get better than that... (Except dunken, of course).

Wasn't that much. But I kind of went bananas in the Amorone-department, so it got darn expensive! My vision was still blurry from happiness...

1580 km without break...

That's when my vision started to get bad...

Tried to snus muffins to cheer up. But I failed. Had to sleep at my sisters place in Falköping.

Not so long before I was home...

And I was kind of... just tired... But not long after this picture I was home!

Fika with Lisa...


...and Bettan.

Visited Schakalen. He ws tired after helping his dad in the woods.

Got some stuff from The North Face! This is like a comfy indoor down slip in, but made for outdoor! How sweet is that!?

People would be surprised if they knew how much good (not only good clothing, but good for the environment!) stuff The North Face is doing. i like them for that!

Apr 10


For those of you you drive between Scandinavia and the Alps often. You know what kind of happiness I’m talking about!