Jun 10

Tännäs with von Bjurs and Dynamiten

Had a really sweet trip to my friend Dynamiten’s cabin in Tännäs the a few days ago. Me and Hasse von Bjurs were very happy that he took us. If you read the captions, and watch the videos, you get the story.



Jesus? You look stoked.

Real coffe - Kokkaffe.

Dynamiten looking for... Beer?

Hansiii... We've GOT to work on that left knee, man...

Blood knot.

Bye bye.

45 cm and pretty strong.

The "cabin".

I was cooking. Butter is the key in everything I do...

Guys were just tired...

Tin foil greyling and potato + a good Sauvignon Blanc. Ok dinner in the wild.

Hansi was happy with the food, but not with the mosquitos.

Sunset beer.

Last day. Coffe coffe coffe. Coffe.

Easy tiger...

Ciao. See you next time.

Jun 10

A couple of days with starving Mason

Last week Starving Mason came home on a visit in Västerdalarna. We went fishing, of course. Through my phone it looked like this:

1. Picking up Starving Mason at the station. Well dressed, as usual.
2. First of all, we went to God. This is his garden. He grows pretty much everything except pineapple.
3. God. And yes, that’s a fish he’s measuring.
4. The woods. I like trees. And sun.
5. You heard about Jihad Jane. But have you heard about Jihad Jonsbert?! It was a LOT of mean flies in the air that night…
6. Got an ok trout, and killed it.
7. Fresh trout right of the fire. Sweet.
8. Next day we saw this sticker. Malung…
9. This is Bror Vickes – he is one of Malung’s finest. Drunk pretty much 365 days a year. Look at the sweater. Yes! After I shot this pic, he threatened to beat me up, but he kind of always does… I like Bror!
10. Another day. Another lake. Belly boat is sweet!
11. Me and Starving. It was a good day.
12. Got a couple of ok trouts…
13. …that got to swim back to their families again. Bye bye.

Jun 10

New mobile try

Had some problems updating my blog using my cell phone, so this is just a fast try… Coming a real blog soon!

This is a road sign I saw a while ago. Pretty cool to live in Turbo…

Jun 10

Last days…

Haven’t been up to that much lately. It’s been raining like hell, so no fishing. Or, almost no fishing. Went on a trip with GM. He owned me and got a couple of nice trouts (and a huge bass!), and I just missed everything. Good day anyway!

In half an hour my friend Syntheziser-Ass is coming to Malung, and I need to pick him up at the trainstation. After that we’re gonna watch some soccer and eat a pizza… … …

Just kidding. We’re gonna go out fishing. Of course. Here are some pics:

My good friend Röris and his son Jon.

Kanylen Karlsson and Stor-Döla.

GM. Didn't win this time. But he's clearing all the jumps at the course now!

This is a panorama of our summer place outside the West Valley shithole of Vansbro. Me and Pôjkon are gonna spend midsummers eve there. It's gonna be nice!

Well hi there you meat... thing... If Bea's dad's car would have been fast... and bulletproof... Elk filé!

Been helping out in the woods a bit. Feels good. But I'm far from getting one of theese. It would increase my street cred in the lunch room a lot.

Sponkan and Kat. Beautiful couple. Same wedding as I wrote about before.

My dad had just his birthday, so I asked Bea's dad if he could give him a ride in his 4S. Dad was pretty stoked.

Did some cleaning. Boring. Found some booze. And suddenly it was pretty fun!

GM thinking about life. And fish.


GM. First throw!



One true. One false.

Hi there!

Mega bass.

I really like sausage.

"Beer... I don't know how to put this... But... I love you beer!"

Jun 10

Stockholm weekend

Been in Stockholm over the weekend. We had a good crew. Psycho GB, Pohlman, Bjurman, Uddevalla Bad Boys, Jaqueslosché, Simba, Stina and some more. Good times!

Here are some pics. Using my phone, so the captions are here:

1. Went to buy breakfast, but it was sale on cake bottoms and whipped cream, so I did a cake for breakfast instead. Nothing wrong worh that…

2. GB and Bjurman.

3. Vodka for breakfast. Nothing wrong with that either! And the movie about Eddie Meduza. Yes!

4. Lelle Tell. Legend.

5. Professor Larsson and GB.

6. Jaqueslosché and Fune.

7. Simba. Safe drinking.

8. GB at the KISS concert.

9. Cool kid.

10. This dude was not that small…

11. Pohlman på Berns.

12. Bjurman day after.

13. Dry or die!

14. Pohlo hang over sushi.

15. Bjurman trying my float thing. Fish motivation!

Jun 10


Tried my new “float ring” today. Went straight from the chainsaw massacre to a lake in the middle of nowhere. I like to work in the forest, but nothing beats the feeling of catching the first real trout of the summer… Stoked. Dry or Die!

Jun 10


Feels good that you can always count on the weather to be “special” in some way, when you’re rolling into Västerdalarna. This time the theme is “Mordor”.

Jun 10

Fish, work, love

Since I last wrote, I’ve been… fishing a bit! Got some very small trouts. Still fun in the beginning. Went to Sponkan’s wedding on saturday. It was beautiful. Love was in the air. Now I’m in Falun, packing in some stuff in Beas apartment. Feels good. Tonight I’m going home though, gonna help Bea’s dad with some “röjning” in the woods. Maybe that will help me become a man… but probably not. Ha ha! It’s fun though, and training for free! Here are some pics. (I’m doing this on my phone, so here are the captions):
1: Bea chilling in Malung.
2: Döla and Sophie on the way out to some fishing.
3: Döla in the water.
4: Just Married!
5: Bea taking a foot bath(?) on the way back…
6: “Coffe”. Coolest ever.
7: That lake looked good, but it was just extremely cold…

Jun 10


Don’t know if I’m gonna ski that much this summer. We’ll see… I know I’m gonna do this though:

Hasse kom upp från Stockholm. Han är där och låtsas. Egentligen vill han bara fiska.

Hasse "Gollum från Bjurs" med årets första på torrfluga. (Ja, har man nyss köpt ett flugspö är regnbåge helt ok. Ok annars också förresten... Bara det är Dry or Die!)

Secret valley.

När den här flugan landade på mitt Lille Skutt-plåster trodde jag det var ett tecken. Men jag fick inget...


Olle Almlöf. Min nya bästis.

Här trivs jag. Väldigt bra.

Tja... Mikroskopisk... Men årets första på torrt ändå!

Inte så ful å. Inte så ful kväll...

Hejdå. Vi ses snart...

Kärleksfiske den där dagen...