Sep 10


Morgonstund har angst i mun. När man inte har skött skolan…

And in English, that would be: “Early bird catches the angst.” When you’ve been slacking in school…

Sep 10

New Free Radicals Trailer!

Take a look at the new trailer from Free Radicals. From what I can see, it looks sweet as hell! Some jibbing, some powder, and some (ADAM WIDÉN) big cliffs!


Sep 10


Have been in Uppsala for a couple of days now. Studying as hell…

Staying at Starving Mason and his girlfriend Johanna. They’re both sick. Bea is sick. And I’m sick. Bird flu? Swine flu?

1. “What are you doing? Bathing your ass and reading the paper?” “The water’s so hot…”

2. Sick…

3. I feel smart when I study here. Ha ha! Biiig library…

Sep 10


(English below)

Idag spenderade jag pengar på någonting jag hatar. Hata är ett starkt ord, men sist jag hade Walter J. Ong:s “Muntlig och skriftlig kultur. Teknologiseringen av ordet” (Teknologiseringen av ordet, wtf?!) som kurslitteratur, så vill jag minnas att det var något av det värsta jag läst. Det var ju visserligen ganska många år sedan nu, och den här boken verkar ju vara någon form av bibel vid den institutionen jag studerar, så det är väl bara att ge den ett nytt försök.

Idag såg en en skön hårdrockare på stan i Uppsala också. Han såg lite hård ut, frågan är om hunden drack cappucino eller svart kaffe…

Har även sett en utställning jag ska gå på i Falun. Yes!

Today, I spent money on something I hate. That Ong-book is boring, I Tell you that goddammit! Gonna read it in school, and it was a long time since I last tried, so it’s just to… try again I guess…

Also saw this rad heavy metal-dude today. His company kind of ruined the image though.

And last – Dalarna!

Sep 10

Trip up north

Just read the captions. But don’t forget to visit Gösta’s site, and Idsjöströmmen.

A few days ago, I was in my car, on my way somewhere. But I didn't know where. Then a big light occured, and it said to me: "Johan. Go up north. Meet The Photographer. Go fishing."

I didn't know what to say. But I drove north. I asked this bear for advice. "North. Gösta. Fishing." And at that point, I understood that I had to call Gösta Fries, the fishing photographer.

We met up in Bräcke. Gösta had baked some bread (this is why I now own a bread maker).

And we started fishing! Here, I couldn't decide what the important thing in this picture was. The beer...

...or Gösta. So I just took em both!

Moment of the day: Suddenly, I REALLY have to "go away", out of sight (forest shitting). But I can't find a good spot. It's getting critical. And then, suddenly, I see this fallen tree. And the light is so beautiful. And I have the best forest shit of my life. Yes...

Sweet sunset over Gimån.

But... no fish! Bad mood at the fire... "What did we do wrong? Have we upset the DoD God?"

Morning fire (I looove fire, yes I do). When I make a fire, I always work with "the tower".

"My dick is th... I mean, I saw a fish this big!"

It's important to start up with a big porridge breakfast before a twelve hour fishing session.

Pretty sweet camping spot. But we had to buy the permits before we could start fishing.

Famous river "Idsjöströmmen" was delivering! Much bigger success with the fishing there! Strong graylings.

Peter with a 50 cm + greyling.

Legend Lars-Åke Olsson: "If you don't fish with dry fly, you will go to... HELL!" Gösta: "Mama..." Random beard dude: "Ho ho ho..."

Gösta proving his (dry) skills.

"I caught the biggest one." "What? No no no... I did!"

Well. I saw the biggest fly!

Sep 10

Another epic day at Lungsjöån


För några dagar sedan hade jag en till sjukt fin dag vid Lungjöån. Fiskade med Jonas Hagborg på morgonen, och sen själv resten av dagen. Filmade mest, och ska, när jag orkar, klippa bort dömaterialet på de klippen, och göra en till sådan där film i Oscar-klass. Ha ha! För er som fiskar kan jag verkligen rekommendera att spendera några dagar hos Jonas. Det är sjukt fint där verkligen, och riktigt kul fiske. Nu ska jag fortsätta producera texter för Transition, sen gå och träna. Höjt!


Last week I spent another epic day at Lungsjöån with Jonas Hagborg. Was fishing with him for a couple of hours, and then on my own for the rest of the day. Love that place. Beautiful creek in the middle of nowhere. Now I have to do some more writing for Transition Magazine, and then spend some time in the gym. Pjuh.

Careful... Careful...

Better hurry!

Perfect strike.

Strong fish.

Nice tail fin. All the fish there are in super condition!

Jonas went home, but there were some fish left.

"WTF! Is he fishing with a nymph?!" Don't worry, it's just the mud. It's an ant. Dry or Die!

Go small or go home... Suddenly the fish became more picky. 0,15 line, looks like some shark line.

And with a beer, the day became perfect!

Sep 10



Powerchilla är ett uttryck jag tycker ganska bra om. Powerchilla och chilla är inte samma sak. När man chillar så tar man det lite lugnt, när man powerchillar så tar man det jääävligt lugnt. Om man räknar bort de stunderna jag eldade (som visserligen var typ dygnet runt), så var det mycket powerchillning uppe i vår sommarstuga förra helgen. Det var sista chillet på ett tag visserligen, för nu sitter jag med en C-uppsats, en kurs i teori och metod, och en i mediernas retorik. Självklart parallellt med några sköna deadlines till Transition… Hepp!


I like the expression powerchilling. It’s not like chilling, it’s… more. I spent last weekend with Bea in our summer house, and even though I was making about 75 fires, it was a lot och powerchilling too. I think it was the last powerchilling of this year though, cause now I’ve just started on a 30 page essay, together with a couple of other courses at the university, and parallell with a couple of deadlines for Transition Magazine. So… I guess I’m gonna keep on doing that.

Only funny in Swedish. Ja... Jag vet inte riktigt vad det här var för något. En uppmaning till lite flickvänsmisshandel? Blev inget med det.

I was handling the fire. I looove fire.

"Come to bed honey, before I fall asleep." "Ok. I'm just gonna make one more fire. One more fire..."

Since I was making the fires, Bea collected the wood.

We were babysitting Bea's sisters kids. Hard work...

"Look! Lingonberries!" They both have a thing for berries.

Pancake lunch!

Klara - Queen of the pancake.

Home made moose burger and some good wine. Sweet...

Here it looks like I'm chilling, and just watching Bea do the dishes. That's wrong. I'm watching the fire.

Sep 10

Bake machine

Don’t know if the correct name is Bake machine, it’s a direct translation from Swedish. I do know that I was looking for à new iPhone today though, but was bummed out when I didn’t find one. Sold out everywhere! So I bought this… bread machine instead! Fresh cooked bread for breakfast tomorrow morning! Yes!

Sep 10


You can look at this video as my best shot for an Oscar, or just something funny I did during two hours of fishing, and a lot less editing… What I know for sure, though, is that this is pretty much how I spent big parts of my summer. It’s from last week, when I thought I could do some filming instead of taking pictures. Thanks for the ant Gösta – the trouts in Bynn liked it!


Sep 10

Short trip

Went on a short trip this evening. Had some serious angst about tomorrow, when I go to the university in Uppsala, and the first seminar. Read “Kompendiet som Gud glömde” today. Not that fun at all… Well, have to sleep, gonna drive about 700 km tomorrow. Here are a couple of pics from earlier (I was actually filming most of the time. But have to edit that a little bit before I upload it):

The Hunchback of Bynn... Still extremely stoked on my new reel though!

Was a beautiful evening. Very quiet...