Oct 10

Shredding pow!

I just checked in my skis at Arlanda Airport (hate the stress in this picture). Tomorrow I’m shredding pow in Austria with Marja Persson. YES!

Oct 10


Hello! Yesterday I was in London for the Ski & Snowboard Show, and the first Free Radicals premiere. It was nice to see some new gear, and to have a couple of beers and watching the new movie. Have to run! The pictures explains it.

I was welcomed in London by this 50 year old smooth operator. Aaahhh...

Just like this pic. The girl is sharp... UNDERGROUND. I think everything about London was fun, since I've never been there...


Jumping on a mat... I'm happy I didn't have to do it...

Some dude with beard and Marja, at The North Face's stand.

Goddammit! Stop... reminding me about more stressful things! It's more than two months!

Y E S ! ! !

Thanks Helen, Penny (middle) and everybody else at The North Face UK for hosting a great party! We'll be back next year!

Oct 10

London Premiere!

Free Radicals is having their first premier tonight, and I’m on my way to the airport in Sweden now. It’s gonna be great to see the UK people, and the snow-show at Olympia. And the best will be to see the new movie (and have a couple of beers) at The Old Firestation in Hammersmith tonight, where the party and film will be!

I’ve never been in London. I’m gonna eat fish’n’chips, for sure. Ha ha!

See you there!

Oct 10


Jag vet fan inte vad jag ska göra med den här tidsmässigt diarrébruna situationen. Någon som testat den här butiken i Falun? Kan de hjälpa mig?

Oct 10

Sverre visit and a new pro model

Got a pleasant surprise today – Sverre Liliequist came by our apartment in Falun! He was on his way to the untrue parts of Dalarna (east side) to hang out with his kid girlfriend Hanna (who is from Mora, but turned out fine anyway). There’s always time for some coffee and kanelbulle though!

Another really cool thing is that I’m getting a pro model on KASK. I’m very happy and proud! Sverre brought the first samples of it from the KASK office today. In about 365 days, they will hopefully be in stores so that everybody can have their own Jonsbert.

Happy times!

Sverre likes sweets... I was the hungry one today though, cause I just came from the gym. Kanelbulledinner. YES!

New beanie!

Oct 10

Pasta Rouge

I love food, and I think it was 15 years ago since I last “cooked” this dish with… fine old traditions. Feels nostalgic, but not that good… What is for sure though – I don’t have time to cook proper lunch. Hilfe…

For Swedes: Om ni inte redan har tittat in, så tycker jag verkligen ni ska ta ett besök på Alpingaragets nya hemsida. Det är en riktig skidbutik. Stöd dem.

Mmmm... Ketchup...

Oct 10

Jonsson’s new ad

This might be un-Swedish, and it might be bragging, but I still think my new The North Face ad looks sweet as hell. Stoked!  Just bought the Daily Mail Ski & Snowboard magazine, and it was the first spread. Happy.

Oct 10


Had a real father-son day today. Breakfast at 04.50 this morning, and then out in the woods, hunting the bird with the best name: Black cock. Shot one. Almost felt like a man. Right now I’m at the shooting competition for Malung’s moose hunters. It’s “pretty much” testosteron here. Funny…