Dec 10


Yesterday I had a all time top ten hangover. Oskar shot a couple of pics of me, that I would rank as the worst ever taken. Ha ha! After breakfast (ten in the evening) I shot a pic that shows my what I did the entire day, and one pic of me and the other Johan’s foot. He crashed really bad last year. Off to the doctor again now!

"Bakis" is hungover in Swedish. These pills did not help yesterday though...

Johan, with the scar. Still gets blue from the screws, after one year...

Dec 10

The Foot

My foot is sore. That sucks. I’m mega motivated to ski. But I won’t be able in a few more days. So… Since I sorted a lot of receipts today, I feel I deserve to get shitfaced insted. Yves (the owner of Engelberg) just called. So I’m going to Ski Lodge now.

Here are some pics I took with my new camera. It’s just low res jpeg, but I think I’m gonna be able to have fun with it in the future.


My roomie Johan, and Nina.

Nina. Again. Do I have a secret crush on her maybe?

Depth Of Field YO!

This was my Christmas present from the mountain. Thank you.

So it's been a lot of this the last few days...

Not that bad, but a bit swollen, and blue and brown.

Today, when I was going through my receipts, I found this. Since I'm extremely fckn poor right now, it was fun to see that I was spending some earlier this fall.

But then I found this, and I just got mad. McIntosh - hope you enjoyed the whisky. Ha ha.

Dec 10


Two days of powder! Pretty stoked to be back on skis! Unfortunately I hit a rock in pretty high speed today, so my foot is a bit sore. Nothing broken, and no ligaments torn, so I guess I just have to rest for a few days or a week. I’ve got some texts to write and some receipts to sort though, so I’ll have something to do. PLUS – I finally bought a GH2, and I’m mega motivated to start fooling around with that! I’m not writing “learn how to shoot with that”, cause I know that it will take time… And before I start using it, I need to re-install my computer, and add some new programs.

Well… I took a lot of shots, but with my S95 (which is still awesome). It’s the trip down, and some Engelberg people. I took a shot every hour on the way down, kind of. Fun to see my mode. Ha ha.

Have to sleep now. Ate too much food (thank’s for the Christmas food Therese and Erik), again…

Dec 10

What’s that thing burning!?!?

After skiing today, I went to Nordica in Stans, and picked up a pair of new boots. Thanks Urs! After that, I drove to Luzern, where I kind of… Ah! Watch the movie.


Dec 10


Stole this video from GRP. Love it.


Dec 10


Just a fast blog, cause I’m gonna mount a pair or new skis, and then go skiing in Engelberg for the first time this year! Per Huss just came up from the basement. He’s got a bad cold, so we’ll see if he tags along. Laters!

My friend Per Huss. Not 20 years old any more, but kicks the ass of all 20 year olds anyway.

The view from my bed. Pretty ok.

Dec 10


My ass hurts, after 17 hours of driving. But I’m currently in my new bed in Engelberg. Yes!

Dec 10

1000 miles left

Just left my sister and the Fkpg terror squad. Wish I would have been able to spend a couple of days there. But today I’m gonna do a little drive instead. Right now, I have 1000 miles left. But at the end, there’s P to the OW. Yes! So I’m just happy! And, fckn mega stoked on my new Calix roof box, in which I can fit about all my skis, three corpses and 200 kilos of moose meat.

Dec 10

Packing up!

Filled the duffel bags. Soon Engelberg. Stoked!

Dec 10


Just passed by Sweden’s best ski store – Alpingaraget. Awesome help, as usual! Support your local dealer!

Driving back to Malung now. Engelberg on monday. Y to the ES!