Jan 11


Hanging out in the Ski Lodge reception with Sverre Liliequist. Waiting for the Adam W, Erik F and Mattias F. Them we’re going up to shoot. Gonna be a good day!

Jan 11


Why did I drink my beer this fast this afternoon? Is it because I had a good day shooting with Mattias, Adam and Erik? Yup. Pics coming tomorrow!

Mmm... Eichhof... (Mrs Physio, don't worry, I did my rehab later in the evening).

Ah. I can show you one pic. Adam Widén with a nice mute in front of Mattias. Erik getting the feeling before throwing a three.

Jan 11

One night, black and white

Just got home from The Lodge. Me and Wille took a couple of beers. Now we’re back though. Gonna start shooting with Mattias tomorrow. It’s gonna be fun! See if we can find some untouched snow. We got two huckers (Adam and Erik), and me (with a broken foot), ready for tuuurning pics. Ha ha! Ha…

Wille Lindberg and Christine Hargin.

Met some of the classics too today. That was nice. Haven't met Martin or Charlotte since last year.

Adam Widén and something I don't have words for...

Der Axel and Nina. And in the background I think it's Rukas' evil twin!

Matilda Rapaport, birthday girl, and her boyfriend "Blicken" Hargin.

Me and Bolling. Still talking about that blackcock... Ha ha.

Linus from OKAY shop.

Olle and Freddan. Chefs from The Lodge.

Staffan - King from The Lodge.

Me and Wille met this dude on the way home. He didn't really walk that straight...

Better safe than sorry!

Good night.

Jan 11

A hike

This week I’ve been done some skinning. Alpingaraget provided me with skins and a pair of bindings, and I like it more than I thought! Maybe it’s because I can’t ski properly, but I don’t think so. I understand Stenis when he’s saying: “I just want to go and see.” I’m doing that in summer, when I’m fishing. Go and see… Sometimes there’s something nice and the end of the hike. Sometimes it’s something different. It’s most often worth it though.

Two days ago I went up to Wendelück here in Engelberg. Had a small lunch on my own. It was quiet, and very nice. The view up there is amazing. Here’s how it looked. Oh, sorry, I forgot – the skiing down to Engstlensee was really good! I’m only allowed to ski very carefully with my foot, and only on very good conditions. Not that bad…

Now I’m gonna go and have a coffee with Mattias Fredriksson and Erik Finseth. Hopefully we’re gonna find Adam Widén on some park bench or something…

I like to be in the shadow, and get surprised by the sun. In the gondola on the way up...

We're under attack!!! Ah... No... Right... We're in Switzerland.

Kind of cool light. It's not sunny there in the snow, it's just sunlight reflected from the wall. The rock in the middle/right of the picture is where the hike ends.

I'm faster than you! Or... I just started earlier maybe. They got some chocolate when they got up. We talked about fishing...

I went to the edge (two meters to the left) to look down, and it's about one kilometer free fall. My stomach said: "Cut it! Give me lunch instead!" So I ate, and skied down. Beautiful place...

Jan 11


You might wonder what this is! Well, I’m not in the porno industry, it’s just that I ate blackcock yesterday (yes, that’s the name, look here). It’s the male version of the black grouse. Jonas Bolling, head chef at Ski Lodge, was cooking. I think it was top three meals I’ve ever ate. Thank you! Here are some pics:

Jan 11


Tuesday is moose steak day! It’s just perfect cooked now…

Jan 11

Early bird

Early bird catches the worm? Well, it’s half past five in the morning, and I’ve been awake for an hour, and I got no worm. I caught a bad mood… The semla kind of saved my life though. Good breakfast!

Kind of fun to share a cab with Bea. She’s gonna fly to Umeå for the day in a business trip. I guess it’s possible to say I’m on my way to Engelberg on a business tri… Or maybe not.

Jan 11

Beautiful Bynn

This is the view of Nisskiosken, the China restaurant and the Preem gas station, seen from inside Sandbäcks café. It’s the heart of Raggarrundan, and the closest there is to true beauty! Bynn in my heart.

Jan 11


Just read the captions…

Jan 11


Tried a new app today. It’s kind of weird that it’s possible to do an HD time-lapse with a phone… Well, I’m mostly curious if it’s possible to upload it from the phone, and how it looks. We’ll see soon. Maybe.

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