Feb 11

Fckn vandals

“Oh. It’s so safe in Switzerland. Nothing bad ever happens.” Well… I never had a window of my car smashed in any other country. That’s for sure. Bastards.

Feb 11


Having a computer work day with Free Radicals’ filmer Erik Henriksson today. Mailing till my fingers bleed. Almost…

Feb 11

This is skiing in Greece

Had a lot of good shots from Greece. In my opinion. Ha ha. Lots of… Greek shots, at least. Hard to thank everyone who helped us there. But it’s Kostis, Dimitris and Hotel Parnassos in Arachova/Parnassos. Achilleas, Janis, Werner, Akis & co in Valilitsa. John & co and Velouchi Free Ski Team in Karpenisi. This, plus so many more. Even though we had fog every day, we really enjoyed our stay! Some things that helped:

Oskar Enander’s photo skills.

Erik Henriksson’s film skills and computer (nerd) info.

Per Jonsson’s everlasting positive energy.

Tom-Oliver Hedvall’s jib skills.

It was a good crew. Maybe we go back there, when it’s better snow, and less fog.

Ah! Almost forgot. Got myself a new pair of headphones. Check out JAYS if you want smarter solutions and better sound. It’s the first time I was “Aha? Aha! Yes!” about a pair headphones. Buy ’em!

Here are some pics. Read the captions (if you’re reading at freeride.se, check my “real” blog instead):

Feb 11

My friend Oskar, through my phone

Some more iPhone pics. Yesterday: Athens shot from Akropolis, before shitfuck came in, Oskar (who is on some kind of low-carb-diet) sending it at the breakfast with waffles and 400 gram of Nutell, sending it even more with a piece of chocolate the size of a fist, then (almost) shitting his pants in the plane. Today: Engelberg shot from Oskar’s kitchen, and a really healthy breakfast! Now: time to work.

Feb 11


Just arrived in Athens after the last day in the Greek mountains. We finally got some sun = we hiked our lungs out. Was just nice though. I’m just blogging from my phone, so here are some iPhone-pics from the last days. More to come.

Feb 11

The Greeks

So tired… Driving too much, and not sleeping enough. Goodnight…

We're having a "mystical theme" on a lot of the stuff we're doing here. The fog have been our companion every day so far...

Tom-Oliver and Per, just before the fog killed one more shot. But just after we got a shot too!

Hello there, little charm boy.

Feb 11

Did I nail it?

Well. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!

Erik Henriksson and Tom-Oliver Hedvall, checking if it's one more try or not.

Feb 11

Arachova stylee

Today was the first day on the Greek mountains. Puuure shitfuck. So we went to the hat store to check out the Greek fashion, and now we’re trying the Greek beer. Hats – I don’t know… Beer – really good!

Feb 11


Tom-Oliver says: Souvlaki! Tonight we reach the mountains!

Feb 11

Stockholm people

Landed in Zurich a couple of hours ago. Had some nice days there. Visited the nice people at Alpingaraget and The North Face store. Got to hang out a bit with Jaqueslosché and Bongo (psycho dog), and also with Hansiii, Daggan and Id. Good times… This is how it looked (if you read on Freeride – click pics for captions):