This is skiing in Greece

Had a lot of good shots from Greece. In my opinion. Ha ha. Lots of… Greek shots, at least. Hard to thank everyone who helped us there. But it’s Kostis, Dimitris and Hotel Parnassos in Arachova/Parnassos. Achilleas, Janis, Werner, Akis & co in Valilitsa. John & co and Velouchi Free Ski Team in Karpenisi. This, plus so many more. Even though we had fog every day, we really enjoyed our stay! Some things that helped:

Oskar Enander’s photo skills.

Erik Henriksson’s film skills and computer (nerd) info.

Per Jonsson’s everlasting positive energy.

Tom-Oliver Hedvall’s jib skills.

It was a good crew. Maybe we go back there, when it’s better snow, and less fog.

Ah! Almost forgot. Got myself a new pair of headphones. Check out JAYS if you want smarter solutions and better sound. It’s the first time I was “Aha? Aha! Yes!” about a pair headphones. Buy ’em!

Here are some pics. Read the captions (if you’re reading at, check my “real” blog instead):

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