Feb 11

Bye Sweden. Hello Greece!

I did another so called “tokbokning” (mega-random-booking)
a couple of hours ago. This time from Zurich to Greece. Apparently
it’s more snow there than in the Alps, so… Why not!? Right now
I’m on my way to the Stockholm airport. The last thing I did, was
of course to eat a semla:

Feb 11


Not really the funniest kind of work out…

Feb 11

Czech Airlines in B & W

On wednesday, I figured out that I wasn’t gonna be able to do any magic in the Alps at the moment. The snow is crap all over, and my foot still just likes deep powder. So, I flew home to Bea. This is Zurich – Prague – Stockholm through the lens of my pocket camera. (And if you’re Swedish, take a look at this clip. 25 seconds in. Don’t know which math class this Sverigedemokrat took. Not the same as me, that’s for sure. Ha ha ha! Funniest I’ve ever seen, but scary that these people are now inside Sweden’s government).

Feb 11

Most random dude ever

Found this video at Spatziba. EXTREMELY random.


Feb 11


This is some parts of ISPO:

Feb 11

Gifts of love

Read the caption for some understanding.

Feb 11

Killing Kitzsteinhorn


With the help of Lovely Karin at Qparks, me, Eirik, Stina and Mattias are now in Kaprun, and skiing the Kitzsteinhorn glacier. Happy about that, since the snow is good, even if it’s old. Got some bangers today and yesterday, and all is good!

My foot is still in rehab mode, but it’s getting better. I’m gonna stay on the ground for about one more month. Three weeks maybe… We’ll just see!

Now it’s dinner time at Paletti. Here are som pics from today and yesterday.

are now in

Feb 11

Pics from yesterday

Just arrived in Kaprun, Austria. Seems like it’s hard everywhere now, but it’s hopefully pretty good here! Gonna see tomorrow morning. Here are some more pics from yesterday. Maybe I should be a photographer instead? Ha ha. Skier are Adam Widén and Eirik Finseth. Mattias Fredriksson were shooting the “real” pictures.

Adam Widén trying the glacier.

I like big pictures...

Eirik Finseth, slightly corked.

Mattias and Eirik. Stoked.

Feb 11

Sunny skiing

Just three pics from today. More coming. Sorry for not giving you more pics. Just had some other stuff to do. Here are some shots from today though.

Sverre Liliequist came from Engadin today. Just stopped in Engelberg to return my car, then he flew back to Sweden. See you later dude!

My roomie Oskar Holmblad with another pocket back.

Mattias Fredriksson was stoked. Conditions were tough, but we made the best out of it. More pics of Adam and Erik coming!