Mar 11

Free Radicals edit from the ski trip to Greece

Just saw this one that Free Radicals posted. Sweet edit of a strange ski trip…


Mar 11

The winner is…

…Per Fernvik! From Sweden, once again. But since almost all of the European The North Face riders are injured, it’s good we get some new ones. Ha ha!

Gonna drive back to Engelberg now. Not that motivated…



Mar 11

The North Face Ski Challenge

Been in Val Thoréns for a couple of days now. Good times with judging the future of skiing in the competition, and hanging out with the crew from The North Face, and Tom-Oliver Hedvall.

France is special, as usual. Me and Keith shared “A room with a view”. Ha ha! And the lifts are also “French”. Here’s Tom-Oliver in the tunnel kind.

Safety information with the youngsters now!



Mar 11


Mattias Hargin showing some skills at the grill, after killing it filming with Free Radicals today. Don’t know about this smoke, though…


Mar 11


Came back to the house in Engelberg yesterday evening. Nice and clean here, as usual. This morning I woke up to the mountains outside my window. That made me both happy and sad. I love the mountains, but it’s kind of frustrating to not be able to go up there and ski… I’ll try it in April again, and see what the foot says.

Off to the gym now. Pjuh… Ha ha.



Mar 11

Flying down again

Have been in Sweden for a little bit more than two weeks now. It’s been good, and bad. Lots of things to think about. Some that I could change myself. Some I could not. Sitting at Arlanda Airport at the moment, about to board the flight to Zurich, and Engelberg.

Sweden have been: Rehab, fishing, rehab, rehab, coffe, visiting my sister, working, rehab, coffe, talking about fishing, longing to ski, rehab, talking about fishing, rehab, double hats, fly fishing trade shows, rehab.

And! Got a new tent from The North Face, which is super light. The Sputnik 2. Stoked to try it! Perfect for when you just have to go fish on your own (or with a small buddy). Think I’m gonna live in the mountains this summer, next to some trout river…

Have to board. Laters








Mar 11

Greece edit, part 1

Don’t really like the word edit. But I guess this is some kind of it… I hope you enjoy it, even though I’m a new beginner. More to come from the home of souvlaki and fog!

I went there with: Free Radicals filmer Erik Henriksson, Photographer Oskar Enander, Gunde-Man Per Jonsson and jib ninja Tom-Oliver Hedvall.

Visiting my sister and the Falköping Terror Squad at the moment. It’s nice.

Have to sleep…


Mar 11


A perfect day for fishing on Kappsjön!

Mar 11


Sven and The North Face: Don’t worry. I’m still true to your base layers.

But I got this awesome merino piece from my goggle sponsor KASK, and gonna try it out on a fishing trip tomorrow. Like it a lot!

Mar 11


It’s a lot of them now… I’ve been injured all season. Second day after we came back from Greece, Tom-Oliver got injured. In the comp in Kirkwood, Marja crashed bad. And today, my man Edvard got some stitches in his mouth. I don’t really like this…

Tomorrow I’m gonna have a look at the mountain, ski some pow, carefully, before I go back to Sweden for some rehab.


"Bye bye. See you in a month or two!" This is the first upskirt I've ever shot. Gonna consider if it's the last too...

Edvard's stitches.

Still looking good though!