Apr 11


Just checked in to an apartment at http://hamnisenja.no/. Had an amazing dinner, and feel like I’m gonna love this place. This is the view from the apartment:


Apr 11

New skis

Just passed Riksgränsen, and changed a pair of binding. Touring bindings on the Patron skis instead of the Radict, which will rest until next winter and pow. Feels good though! I like the new Patron. So fun ski. Thank you Mattis and crew in the ski shop in Riksgränsen! The mounting would have taken me too long time without some help… Now – Norway.


Apr 11

Hurting ass

Now we’re about 2800 km in to the journey. Our asses hurts like hell, and driving is not mega fun. I like to look at the nature though, and we saw a lot of animals today. Moose, fox, reindeer, rabbits and some big birds. Tomorrow we’re driving the last part, about 700 km. Then it’s skin time. Looking forward to that. To moving.

1. True evil.
2. Came to Free Radicals filmer Erik two days ago. He made us food, and made our beds. Sweet. Oskar was most happy for the food.
3. Don’t know the English word for “vitsippa”, but they mean spring, and they are happy flowers.
4. Passed by UA, of course we had to meet Uddevalla Bad Boys front man – Funela. Good guy.
5. This is Bynn. Love it.
6. My hometown’s local “newspaper”.
7. PO. My man. It was good seeing him. Hope to visit him again soon.
8. Finally got to meet Marja. She’s one of the strongest persons I know, and I’m so impressed by her. Me and Gösta are gonna have fishing courses with her this summer. Looking forward to that!
9. Oskar vs. Mega 1 kg Carrot Cake: 0 – 1









Apr 11

Leaving Engelberg

About to board the car with Oskar Enander. 3500 km to Lofoten/Narvik…

Here’s one thing I’m gonna miss about Paradiesli. And one thing I’m not…



Apr 11

Flat light and flat landings

Skied with (shr)Edvard Berg today. Had a good time, even though my body is really weak from not skiing that much (figured out that I got 20 runs in total in Alaska). But the important thing is that it’s fun! Got to ski some flat light, bad snow, and flat landings. This means it feels like I’m in Sweden… Starting to miss home a little bit. But I’ll soon drive there, for other missions. This is a screenprint from today. Good times!

Shredvard going for the stomp.

Apr 11


Drying the tent. Last time I saw it was on a glacier in Alaska, just a few days ago. And now we’re about to have a barbecue in the garden outside the house. Different…


Apr 11


This is the view from my room in Engelberg right now. Summertime… I think it’s time to drive north in a couple of days…


Apr 11

50 pics from Haines

Ups and downs. Heli and skinning. Shadowlines and flatlight. Happiness and dispair. Haines offers it all! Hanging out with Oskar Enander at Super 8 in Juneau now. Have to catch the shuttle 5.00 am tomorrow, so I’d better sleep soon. Read the captions, to find out… As usual… O wanna thank so many people, but I’m too tired to remember. But Bruce from the Funny Farm AK, I don’t forget. You’re a tough one! And I’ll come back to you next year. And the rest of family and crew at Funny Farm. Carrie, Rob, Seandog… And so on…

Apr 11


Just came back from a tent/hiking mission. So tired… Forrest “I’ve been splitboarding all year” Shearer almost murdered me with his pace on our last hike. I’m kind of in the same program as Oskar (in the picture) right now. “Expensive chocolate time.” Good night…


Apr 11

Heli time

Good morning Alaska! Good morning bluebird! Good morning heli!