May 11

Forrest Shearer’s POV footage from our AK trip

Got a mail from my man Forrest Shearer a few days ago. It seems like he already knows me pretty well, since he asked me how the fishing went. Ha ha! So nice guy, and awesome boarder! Here’s a video of his POV footage from Haines, and a picture of his apple-soccer skills! I was in summer mode when I got that mail, but this edit made me wanna shred some pow again! Watch it.


May 11

A day with Hasse

Yesterday I was helping my good friend and photographer Hans Johansson with a shoot. I was making coffee and moving the flashes. Felt like a kid on “prao”. Awesome day! Hasse shot the band Artymove, and got great shots. Here are some iPhone pics:







May 11

Riksgränsen shred video

Before I got too brave in Riksgränsen a couple of weeks ago, I was skiing with the Winter Project guys a couple of days. It was happy times, and I got a shot in their last webisode. A 360! Ha ha ha! Check it out here:

May 11


First real fishing trip of the year. I’m missing skiing, but I love this too…

And congrats to Henke and Matilda, who won the Sbmc. And Erik Nordin, who got third in the men’s telemark!

This is where I’m at now (and a preeetty cool dude I met yesterday). Good times…




May 11


Aaah… Feels good to be back home. Ha ha.

“Girls from Malung met a wolf – in the middle of town”


May 11

Free Radicals mid season report

Hola. Another day in front of the computer… Writing mails and storys, and following the SBMC on Facebook in between. But I also found this sweet video from Free Radicals! I’m not gonna say I can skip summer totally, but I’m really looking forward to another season!

Here’s a couple of bonus pics of Oskar Enander and me. Don’t know, but… I just liked the thought of bonus! Ha ha.

Bonus 1: Oskar Enander, in front of the camera instead of behind. He's actually a really good skier. I mean, look at the poles! Good work buddy.

And after that day, which was pretty good (even though I couldn't ski with that goddamn foot), we got truly shitfaced at Spindle. The next day I flew home, and took a month off for some nazi strict rehab. I helped!

May 11

Another season

Oy! A bit bummed that I’m not in Riksgränsen at the moment. But this comforts me a lot. Dry or Die season have started!


May 11

Jeppe Cool double back

Feel I need to publish Jeppe Cool’s double back too. I think they call it “air awareness”…

May 11

Just a double backflip

Henke W on the first warm up day before NM. No biggie.

Big props to TomTube, who was also slinging, and Jeppecool, who mogul-stomped his double.

May 11

Good day

Today was another sweet day in Riksgränsen. Some shredding, and some filming. Normally I’m filming with the happy guys in Free Radicals, but today I was filming with the happy guys in Winter Project. Good times! Below is Wille Lindberg and Tom-Oliver Hedvall searching for a small trannie in front of Adam Falk.