Jul 11


Stjørdal. Me with a salmon, and Pøjkon just enjoying… life.



Jul 11


For the next week. Me and Pôjkon are hanging out at this farm outside Trondheim in Norway. We’re fishing for Salmon, drinking beer, and eating a lot of food. Good times! I’m not gonna blog anything this week I think…


Jul 11

HAT movie

In Swedish, HAT means hate. But I’m talking about a totally different one – the love-HAT; Head And Tail! Oh, I love being a nerd… Ha ha! Frontside Fly will do an edit with all this stuff later. If you want to see some sweeet screen prints, take a look here.

Today me, the Fox and my foxy girlfriend is going up to Malung for the annual party at my friends dad “God”, and for Daniel Bodin’s and Pôjkons lovely competition Redneck Rumble! Good times!

Jul 11


Don’t have that much to say after our trip to Dalavardo. It was just… too good to be true, and this picture kind of sums it up:

Double rainbow!

It was three days of fishing in the name of the double rainbow. My partners in crime was Stefan “Mad Season” Ågren, and the future of snowboard and fly fishing – Rolf Nylinder (who are managing the superb website Frontside Fly).

Here are a couple of other pics that sums up the days we had (more to come):

Jul 11

Out from the mountains

This is how stoked I was in the heli back to civilization after four days fishing in Vindelälven, close to Dalavardo:

Hanging out with Bea in Stockholm for a few days is going to be nice though, of course. But on Friday, I’m off with Pôjkon to Stjørdal for one more week of fishing, and then it’s another Dry or Die week with Bjurs!

Jul 11


Have been up here in Lapland since Saturday. Had some good days, but the fishing isn’t magic so far. Too cold. But right now we’re in Ammarnäs, and when me and Rolf was working today, Stefan was out hunting the legendary Ammarnäs trouts. And… it’s no big surprise he succeeded. The bastard had a ridiculous year so far! This last one was a streamer trout, and untrue, but still: a big fucker! And, there’s not any other way to catch the trouts here… (That’s why I’m doing computer work instead of fishing). Here are some pics from the last days:


Jul 11


Drove to Umeå today. Warm as hell! Need to get a new car… 350 km yesterday, 650 today, and 350 more tomorrow. I’m sorry for this Mr Environment…

Got to sleep, leaving early tomorrow. But this is the two moat important things we bought for our trip:

I now have two different kinds of coffee flavored chocolate (got the megamega-kind from Bea, WITH caffeine). Is this too good to be true!?!?

What can I say? Bynn on the cover of AoF!

Jul 11

The last days in iPhone pics

Had some good days here in the south. Just look at the video, and read the captions…

In Sweden, a cruise to Åland is pretty much as white trash as it gets. I love it. Didn’t win anything though…

Asked this lady if I could take a pic of her tattoo. It was some ink with her old rottweiler. His name was Roffe. MYbe the coolest tattoo ever…

Stayed at some remote hotel on Åland. Sweet view from the balcony…

The three musketeers, longing for alcohol.

“Champagne you say?”

“Ok! Aaah…”

“Cheers Jonsson.” “Cheers Kluckis!”

This Saturday, Bea had a perfect day. First this icecream…

Then she got to practice her swimming technique for a couple of hours.

Bought some food in Norrtälje on the way back. These two Ed Hardy/leopard fake blondes showed us the latest fashion there.

After shopping clothes with Bea in Stockholm, I was so tired not even my phone could focus!

Dinner at Sverre and Hanna’s house on Älgö. Beautiful place!

And now I just left this crap…

Had a coffee with this young man, and are now driving to Bynn. Tomorrow the one month Dry or Die mission starts off with trip up to Rolf and Ågren. Then we’re off to the mountains. Sweet!

Less sweet is this extremely warm and beautiful weather, in combination with my car, and the lack of air condition in it. Gonna continue my drive now. Not looking forward to it…

Dry or Die

Jul 11


Pretty unexpected weekend. Island vacation on Åland! Ha ha.