Aug 11

WP Trailer and some biking

This weekend, I saw the Free Radicals trailer at the event in Varberg. Great! I was injured almost the whole winter, so I didn’t know that much about what have been going on. Big skiing it seems like! It’s not online yet, but soon it will be. Looking forward to see more of it! They showed some shots from when Wille was skiing the Trifide 3 i La Grave to. Sickness!

Today the guys at Winter Project released their new trailer. It was a good one too! Adam and Nicke have been busy all winter. It was kind of fun to see that I was on the riders list too. Adam was following us, gang shredding in Riks this spring, so I don’t really know what I did that should be in the movie… Ha ha. Looking forward to it though.

I also saw some biking, on Downdays.eu. Those bastards are pretty sick. Ha ha. I’m glad I don’t have to do that. It looks really fun, but when you crash… I don’t know. It’s better falling in snow I think.

Anima is the name of WP's new movie.

Aug 11

Varberg vs Tahiti

Yesterday, I felt like Kelly Sla… Ah, never mind. I was anyhow surfing for the first time in more than ten years, and about third time in my life. So fun! A big thank you to Surfers Center in Varberg, for helping us. Thanks also to Peter from Nordica – great weekend! Unfortunately (?) there are no pics or videos, that I know of, from Varberg. But today I found this video from some competition they just had on Tahiti. It seems like they had about the same conditions as we did. Maybe just a little bit bigger waves…

Aug 11

Nordica and Free Radicals in Varberg

Have been in Varberg since yesterday now. Been good. Meeting Niklas and Bergman from Free Radicals, Peter & Co from Nordica, and Calle and Jocke from Alpingaraget. We’ve been “surfing” a bit, drinking some beer, and eating good food. In a bit, we’re going to watch the Free Radicals trailer at Solviken. Here are some shots from the the last 24 hours (if you’re reading at Freeride, you need to click the pics to read the captions, so better is to go to my real blog):

Aug 11

Different night in Stockholm

Had a sweet night yesterday. Went fishing with parts of Pôjkon. I think the water’s still too warm for the fishes, so they’re just hanging out on the bottom. And since we’re true Dry of Die boys, that’s no good… But it was still a good evening:

Aug 11

Très Bonne Équipe trailer

I’m with the Free Radicals (their trailer is coming this weekend), but I need to promote this too, because I know it’s gonna be a great movie! KASK and Nordica are presenting this ski movie/documentary about Sverre Liliequist and Kaj Zackrisson. Great skiers and great friends. Looking forward to see it!


Aug 11

A reminder of the party this weekend

Don’t forget…

Aug 11

Keeping it true

Now that I have moved to Stockholm, but have a heart that will always belong in Dalarna, it’s important to keep it true. Dala-true.




Aug 11

New The North Face store i Stockholm

Well, not actually new, but it’s a re-opening on The North Face‘s new store on Norrlandsgatan. It got refurnished the last weeks. Looks super! They also got big parts of the new collection in there. Go there!

New smooth stuff!

Important information.

I got to be on the wall! Happy for that. Sorry that I chopped you head Xav, but your pretty, French face is the most important thing though.

But most important: beautiful staff! Now go there.

Aug 11

Real people

Since I came back from the last fishing adventure with Hansiii, it’s been some serious chilling with Bea. But also some work, with a PK Hunder interview. I was happy after I talked to him, cause he’s still super mellow and down to earth, even though he’s one of the best jibbers, for sure. Looking forward to what he will do this coming season!

I’ve been working some with Simba, and… we’re both extremely skilled in the great art of “last-minute-work”, so we thought that two bad forces would turn out to be a good combination. And I think we were right! We got some stuff done last time I was there.

Yesterday I met Anders Neuman, who’s the chief editor of Transition Magazine. We talked about the past, and about the future. I’m gonna write some texts for them, from a couple of trips I did last season. Happy for that. It’s a great mag!

And last but not least. I found this video of Tom Wallisch, who’s now a fellow team mate at The North Face. I watched it, and was pretty stoked on the skiing. Then I realized it’s from 2009. He’s preeetty good.

Here are some shots of my friends (read the captions to find out who they are):

Aug 11

One pic

Forgot this picture. It kind of sums up my and Hans’ fishing trip:

"Hattfiskare" is people who fish with hat. Sometimes they're nice, but often they are idiots.