Sep 11

Another cover!

But I need to start with something else – the butter crisis! The stores are often out of Swedish butter these days. And since my cooking are based on butter and cream, I’m getting worried. Well… Just wanted to tell you… I’m worried…

Met up with Björta today. That was nice! He’s here from Austria for the Pirate movie premiere tonight. Guess he’s drunk as hell with Pôjkon right now… Miss you! Ha ha. We went to Westermalms Sushi. So fckn good! Went for the Scandi Sushi again. New flavors. Good flavors.

Read the captions to see about the cover and all the other sheit. If you’re reading my blog on Freeride.se, you need to click the photos to see.

Sep 11

Dagens finkultur

I guess this post is best for people who knows some Swedish…

Eddie, han var en true motherfucking rebel without a cause, och hade liksom ett lite annorlunda annorlunda sätt att se på saker och ting… Sveriges Radio P1 gjorde en dokumentär om Eddie för några år sedan. Jag rekommenderar den.


Sep 11


Went up at 5.30 this morning. Had a deadline for Transition Magazine, and was kind of pissed off about me being late, all the time… Was really fun to read the morning paper though. The racist party in Sweden, “Sverigedemokraterna”, are having some trouble with one of their politicians, who’s a young, fake tanned alcoholic. And… it’s just pretty fun.It’s a party full of idiots, and I’m looking forward to follow this.

After I sent my text to Neuman, I went to meet up with the guys from Canyon, to get the How To Adjust And Take Care Of Your Bike-lesson, 1.0. It was good, and grandmaster Gurra taught me the basics, and trimmed my brakes and changed some “things” (kind of hard with the bike termilology).

Just talked to Mattias Fredriksson a minute ago. And he sold some shots of me to German Wings inflight magazine. Ha ha. Funny, but lots of readers, for sure! I’m breaking new trail here… Speaking of trail (URHM!), here are some shots from Nackareservatet/Hellas. Sweet biking area! Think I’m going back there tomorrow.

Small iPhone time lapse. It’s the view from my office/apartment.

Sep 11


Stole this from Spatziba. I miss listening to punk…

Sep 11

Best food day in a long time

Finally tried Westermalms Sushi today, after that my friends have been talking a lot about it. Probably the best sushi in Stockholm right now. Råkultur got comfy with their reputation I think, and they’re no longer no. 1 in my opinion. Today I had 17 pieces “Scandinavia”. Just local fish. Amazing!

And when I got home, I was inspired and did a sweet, and pretty classic, Swedish three course dinner for Bea.

Sep 11

Running 30 km

Well, of course I didn’t run 30 km. Yesterday I was just resting, and cheering for Bea, who did the classic “Lidingöloppet“. It’s a mega race in Sweden, with about 20 000 participants. Trail running in nice surroundings. The furthest Bea had run before, was about 15 km, so she was stoked to finish. Me too! I never had any doubts though (the fact that she’s a better runner than me could be one reason I’m only biking these days…).

Today I went tried some new trails with my new bike. Went to Fiskartorpet with Pape. It was good biking!

Sep 11

Murder attempt

This may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s true. Yesterday I went biking with my friend Pape, who’s really fast on his bike. We just kept on biking and biking, and way too fast. After a couple of hours I started to hallucinate, and I begged that we would turn around and go back home. But my whispers were too weak…

Ok, maybe he didn’t try to murder me. But! I was so tired I almost started crying at one point. Guess it’s good for me though!

Today I’m gonna cook dinner with my food-mongo-friend Starving Mason, and it’s gonna be good! Before that, we’re gonna go out to Lidingö a cheer for our ladies, who are running the 30 km race “Lidingöloppet” today. I’m proud of Bea! (And I’m gonna try to see if me and Starving can make a bet about who’s got the fastest girlfriend. We’ll see…)

Sep 11

Photo shoots, biking and eating

First of all: Don’t forget to visit the Free Radicals web page, to book your tickets for the big premieres in Gothenburg (21/10) and Stockholm (28/10). There are not many tickets left. So hurry up!

The last days I’ve been working a lot. Writing stories and planning trips for the winter. I’m really motivated to ski! So planning is mostly fun. Yesterday I was in front of the computer for 18 hours in a row though, and that was too much…

Have, of course, been using my new Canyon bike too! A couple of days at Fornstigen, and today I was at Ursvik. Fun trails!

I’ve also been shooting some products, for Transition Magazine with Neuman a couple of days ago, and today I was at the best ski store in Sweden – Alpingaraget – and did some work with photographer Daniel Rönnbäck.

Here are some iPhone shots from the last days (if you’re reading this on Freeride.se, you need to click on the photos).

Sep 11

New Teaser from Sherpas

All.I.Can. will for sure be a movie to watch. Have some friends from The North Face in it, and are stoked to see it! Here’s another, different, trailer:

Sep 11

Sick teaser

Just saw this one on Fri Flyt’s site. Pretty sick…