Oct 11


Hanging out at The North Face sales meeting here in Austria. It’s dangerzone in some aspects, and extremely fun in other!

Champagne lunch with Xavier de le Rue. It was good seeing him! (Even though he’s French).

Dangerzone! The buffet here is… well… this is about a fifth of the dessert buffet. Too good. Toooooo good.

Oct 11


Had another day of skiing today. Went up with my new friend Leo, from The North Face. We basically had one theme of the day. Slashing. It was a good day!

Woke up to this. Not that motivating…

But on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier, it was thumbs-up-weather!

Here, we’re not looking for big skis, but small. These were the smallest of the day I think. The (50 year old) man skiing on them was about two meters tall.

Leo. After a slash.

Me. Mid slash. I claim this is a cool iPhone shot! Claaaiiim…

Don’t really know if this is before or after. The only thing I know is that I missed the good spray…

Thanks for a good day!

After all that slashing, we really deserved a couple of these.

Oct 11

First day of skiing

Had my first day of skiing today. Not bottomless pow, but still so fun! I’m here with a couple of dudes from Holland, who won a competition to go skiing for a weekend. And I’m their slave. Doing followcams and paying their lunch. Ha ha. Nah, we had a good day!

Dutch bad boy marine. Rob was skiing switch telemark carving today. Impressive!

And then there’s the style master! Unfortunately, Koen crashed his foot a bit, so tomorrow might be a spa day. We’ll see.

Other dudes on the mountain: The mega fast spandex ski touring dudes. “Lift? Why? I can just walk up the mountain. In the slope.” Weirdos…

My Nordica Patron was surrounded by race- and mogul skis…

The Ski Friends were there!

As well as this group of riders. Brave people, cruising to the early season glacier.

We stuck to finding transitions in the ski area!

We just called her “The Pant”.

Yeah! Good self portrait!

And, of course – some après.

Oct 11

On a plane

I’m on the plane to MUC now. So stoked to go ski tomorrow! Have been a good week, with pretty much work, but also fun. Bla Bla Bla…

My friend The Danish Pilot gave me the best birthday gift ever. Ha ha.

Free Radicals premiere in Gothenburg. Always lots of people.

The day after I went to see Très Bonne Equipe, the documentary about Kaj Zackrisson and Sverre Liliequist. Such a good movie! Congrats.

Went out in the woods to show Bea that she needs to buy a bike. And now she did! A sweet one from Canyon. So now we’re team-mates. Ha ha.

Times like this, Stockholm ain’t that bad…

Went biking. Managed to avoid the bus hut I rammed earlier. Ha ha.

Then straight to the police.

And brought the bike inside. They need some mud…

Was there to pick up a new passport. “Hello there Mr Axemurder!”

Kind of sad biking season is over.

Nice colors now…


Happy carpenter Jonas Hydén. See the video from Wednesday!

Story about KASK, and Sverre and Kaj in DN. Good work!

And now I’m on a plane. Guess I’m gonna publish this tonight…

And now I’m in the hotel, after a very good dinner. Gonna ski with the winners of the Summit Series competition tomorrow. Looking forward to that!

Oct 11


About to board a plane to Munich city now. Tomorrow I’m in Kaprun, skiing. Yes! Next week is the salesmeeting with The North Face. Gonna be fun to see some new gear. Whiha!


Tunnel of love?

Oct 11

Glada Snickaren (Happy Carpenter) Video

In Sweden, there’s a famous carpenter that has his own TV show. He’s The Angry Carpenter. This is my friend Jonas, he’s The Happy Carpenter! Together with his assistant Niklas Möller, founder of Ski Lodge Engelberg, they did a great work with Jonas’ apartment last night.

Happy Carpenter and his vacuum assistant.

Oct 11

See you at Trädgårn tonight!

Don’t miss the Free Radicals premiere tonight! I think there are still some tickets lift at Skistore. Here’s the trailer:


Oct 11

Photo session

Yesterday Alpingaraget arranged a sneak peak on the new issue of Transition Magazine. I wrote a couple of texts for that issue, and a couple for the gear guide that was a supplement. Had some shots in there too, from a story a out Greece, and a spread in the gear guide. Good! All photos were shot by photo Jedi Oskar Enander I got a little bit drunk, cause I’m not drinking that much these days. Don’t know if that’s good or bad… When I went up this morning, to shoot biking with Daniel Rönnbäck, it felt bad, for sure. After eight cups of coffee, I was back on track though, and we had a couple of fun hours. Bike was fast, and the new POC helmet about 35 times as comfy as my old one.

Sneak peak with Kerstin and Neuman.

We got some nice shots, but about five seconds after I shot this photo of Daniel (you can see him struggle in the middle of the picture), his camera broke down. That was sad, but lucky for me, wince I was mega late to my train (Free Radicals premiere in Gothenburg tomorrow).

Red shirt. Red face. Biked as fast as I could the get home, and this is how close I was to throw up yesterday’s Jägermeister…

“Good work.”

My setup, and a small interview.

Greece story. Go to a store and buy the mag now!

Akis was a pretty funny guy. A bartender who gave us a lot of Greek moonshine. Ha ha.

My last run before heading back from Greece. It’s better than people think over there…

Right now – train life. Gonna visit my sister and the notorious FKPG Terror Squad tonight. Hope they recognize their uncle. Should visit them more often…

Oct 11

New gear from POC

When I got a new bike and became a bike-nerd a couple of months ago, I quickly realized I needed to figure some stuff out. My friend Tobias, editor of Åka Skidor Magazine, and a member of the famous Åre Berscyklister, sent me a mail where he told me  he was very happy I finally had become a biker! But he also, very kind though, told me that if I didn’t want to look like a complete idiot, I had to change gloves (since this bike-thing is a bit new to me, I didn’t knew that half finger gloves was totally forbidden unless you’re mega race, but apparently it is), and get a new helmet (my latest model bike wear from The North Face was looking good though, lucky me). Since I’m a sissie, I did as told. Tobias said that he had a POC Trabec, because it was pretty much the best and most stylish helmet around. And… now I got a box from POC!

Oct 11

Tentacle full movie, and a thought about the Olympics

I don’t know any of the guys behind Random Bastards, but I know one of their riders – Rolf Nylinder. And since he’s both a kick ass snowboarder, and flyfisher, I think you should check this movie out! Tentacle:

And on the question “Are the Olympics good for skiing and snowboarding?”, I think it’s good to take a look at this Olympic-style move, and ask yourself that question again: