Nov 11

Interview at Canyon Bikes

As you might have noticed, I started biking a lot this fall. And I have been doing it on a Canyon Nerve XC 8.0. Awesome bike! And now Canyon was so happy, that they did an interview with me on their blog. Check it out! And don’t miss the interview with Mattias Hargin from this summer. It’s in their blog.

Read my interview HERE.

"Hi! I'm turning into a bike nerd, and I like it!"

Nov 11

Epic movie and new web page

Two friends of mine released new stuff on the web yesterday. Xavier de le Rue shows some INSANE riding in This is my winter, and Oskar Enander started a new fan page on Facebook: Oskar Enander Photography. Like it!

Apart from that stoke, I’m really happy I made a pair of new boots yesterday. I’ve been really happy with the Jah Love, that is now Nordica Girish Pro. It’s a kick ass free ride boot! But I’m gonna try the Doberman now. Back to the roots… Guess it’s gonna hurt, but be good. We’ll see. I got help to adjust them to perfection at Sweden’s best store – Alpingaraget.se. Mange Wörnert is the man! Perfect new soles, and fitted liner.

"Hello. My name is Johan Jonsson. And I act like a happy child when I get new stuff I like."

Check out sick pictures like this one (Yves Hüsler is the rider) on Oskar Enander's new fan page. Like it goddammit!

Nov 11


Been lots of biking lately, but no baking. Today we did some “lussebullar” though. Feels like christmas is closing in. Don’t know if I like it or not…

Good start.

I made some “special” ones. Of course. You never get too old for that!

Good ending.

Nov 11

New goggles

Went biking with Sverre Liliequist yesterday. Nice morning, so the mud didn’t matter. I got a pair of KASK googles with a new color too. Looking good! Only a few meters of snow that’s missing now…

Hello sunshine!


Nov 11


Some normal, and some pretty far from normal things happened in the last days.

Forgot how good the Swedish “People Beer” are. So it’s kind of a re-discovery!

It’s not dry in the woods now. Bummer…

Raggmunk and People Beer. Pretty much the most Swedish there is.

Went to Alpingaraget to check out the Too Cool for Film School. Take a look if you’ve missed it. More gatherings coming up.

To find an apartment to rent in Stockholm is pretty much impossible. This is “Third Hand Paradise”. Ok… It doesn’t have to look like shit just because it’s third hand. But it’s way too small for two people.

Then I listened to this amazing song…

…bought a new computer (had no choice though)…

…and a new apartment with Bea. Feels weird. But as I said – pretty much impossible to find a good place to rent, at reasonable price. So… Now I’m in debt for life. Ha ha.

We still live in our old flat though. This is the view from the kitchen window. Staring at this when I’m working during the days. Happy times…

Been visiting The North Face Flagship Store a couple of times. Good staff Anton and Johan.

And big boss Johan.

Nov 11

Two good things

Today I saw a short movie from Camp 4 Collective. It’s a group of climbers and shredders from The North Face, who happen to extremely good at filming and editing too. They movie I saw was from Denali, and it features some of the best alpinists in the world, but also a bunch of skiers and snowboarders from the team (Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Lucas Debari, Giulia Monego, and more). Really cool to see the mix, and to see people do things outside their comfort zone. Here’s the movie:

Another sweet thing is that Xavier de le Rue is opening his own store! “Well, I’m the best big mountain snowboarder in the world, I fart money, girls like me… What now… Ah, I might just open an awesome store!” Go to Facebook and like it!

"I'm not only a snowboarder, but also a handy man!"

Nov 11

Before reality

Some shots from Budapest. I like eastern Europe. It’s… different, and I like different.

Nov 11

Back to reality



Nov 11

Store opening pictures

A couple of days ago, The North Face opened their new Flagship Store in Gothenburg. Biggest one in Europe! Fibes, Oh fibes!-people were acting DJ, beer was for free, and people were happy and stoked on the new store. I was there and had a look too. Here are some photos:

Nov 11


In the cafés in Sweden, there are “no smoking” signs. Here in Hungary they work in a different kind of way…


Found this charming playground on the way back from dinner…