Mar 12

Two videos

First of all: Skied a couple of hours with the new ABS backpack from The North Face, and… Fckn great! It’s built on the Patrol 24 Pack, which is the pack I use the most, and then they just kind of added the ABS technology. = awesome backpack with ABS!

Another fun thing. The guys from Winter Project released a new episode. It’s a bit different, but fun to see what they’ve been up to. I’m gonna hook up with them later this spring to do some shooting. Here’s the episode:


This morning, I came to think of a thing (again). I really like coffee. So I made this movie. I named it The happiest moment of the day. And I feel fortunate that I’m going to bed now, and already are looking forward to some coffee tomorrow morning!


Screenprint from the only shot in the edit done with RED. Dang, it looks good!

Mar 12

The North Face ABS pack

Just got my hands on the new ABS pack from The North Face. Had to try it immediately, and now I’m on my way up on the mountain. It’s raining like hell, but it’s fun to try out some new stuff! Here a video:

Here’s a picture of it. Looks and feels great!

Good collaboration between two good brands!

Mar 12

Back to Engelberg

Been hanging out with Bea and my new BIKE (stoked on it!) for a few days now. Been good days. Five days in a row with biking. Fun! And tracks was good. Ass is sore now though… Just boarded the plane to Poland (?!), and then fly Bäck to Zurich for three days of shredding in Engelberg. And then – AK!


That’s pure. I like that.

Hansi came by!

Tired dude…

This sucks!

Mar 12

Bike/gourmet weekend

Had a sweet weekend in Stockholm. Feels a bit weird to be at home when it’s good skiing in Engelberg. But we were celebrating my good friend Starving Mason’s 30:th birthday (was a while ago, but we took him to dinner now, at Brasserie Godot), and I’m gonna do some bike planning for the summer too. And, of course, do some biking. It’s really strange, but the tracks in the forests here are super good! And it’s not even april. Had two days on my new bike, a Canyon Nerve XC 8.0, and it feels… fun as hell! I’m not that fast though, but that’s the way it is. It’s still a lot left of the skiing, season, and I’m looking forward to finish that off before I start biking more. But it’s three more days before I fly down to Engelberg again. Some photos:

Mar 12


Got myself a new bike today. A Canyon Nerve XC 8.0. Tried it in Nackareservatet. Dry and nice! So fun, but still some big ski trips to be done soon…

Other stuff: AWESOME skiing by Reine and Christine today. World champions! So right!


Mar 12

Eight iPhone shots that made me stoked

Gonna have a couple of days in Sweden before going away on two major film- and photo trips. I always miss the snow, But Stockholm is nice now too. Super warm. Here are some photos that made my last days.

Driving to the airport with Volkswagen Blue Motion is cheap!

Was out of food the other day. But then I found 1 kg Swedish cheese cake in the fridge. Stoked!

The next day I forgot to buy milk, so I had to have cream to the porridge. Sweet…

I was not out of eco lamb from the “Dalaskogarna” though. First barbecue of the year!

Stoked on the new KASK Mask 4 goggles. Perfect fit in the helmet! No gaps.

Tommen comes to Engelberg once a year. He’s a next level true-dude.

This boss was ruling Kastrup Airport today. Don’t know what he would fuck for, but the hair cut is KING.

I saw my house flying in to Stockholm today!

Mar 12


I’m visiting my relative Jon Örarbäck and his girlfriend Karin now, and I get the same feeling every time I’m in Innsbruck; “Hmmm… This seems like a cool place to live.” I heard the fishing’s pretty expensive in Austria though, so it’s not possible… Ha ha.

Mar 12

Some more heli shots

Some more shots from the heli day last weekend. Thomas Odermatt, our guide, took the photos. Thanks again Xavier, Tero, Guido and Thomas!

Mar 12

Two days with Xavier de le Rue and the TimeLine crew

Been in Sweden for a week, and just got back to Engelberg yesterday. But before that, I had a couple of nice days with Xavier de le Rue, Guido Perrini and Tero Repo, a.k.a. The TimeLine Muppets.

First we had a day in the resort, with good snow and good stress from a couple of other film- and photo teams. The second day we spent some time in the heli. Flew with Bohag Helicopter, and a ridiculous pilot. Extremely skilled, that is. Had just the guide we wanted too, as local hero Thomas Odermatt were guiding us to the goods. Good times!

Here are some of my photos. I also got some good ones from Thomas. I’ll post them later.


Mar 12

Back to Engelberg

Sitting at the Gardermoen Airport outside Oslo. Just killing time, and hope to not get hungry before my flight, cause that would ruin me… It’s a sushi train restaurant behind me, and I think I have to move. One meal there would approximately be as expensive as one heli hour in Switzerland.

If you haven’t already checked out Tero Repo’s latest post about the crazy cave mission they just came back from, immediately click HERE.

Danger zone…