Apr 12

April powder edit from Engelberg

The last days I had in Engelberg was really epic. Fast pow on top, sunny and warm in the valley. I was shredding with Oskar, Yves Husler (coolest name in snowboarding), Mattias Hargin, Bolling and the rest of the good guys down there. Here’s a video of some of the happy-shred that went down. Enjoy it, and spread it:

Happy air!

Apr 12

25,5 hours in a car

Driving from Switzerland to Sweden is not really one of my favorite things… Super stoked that I have a comfortable and non-diesel-drinking car, but 2000 km is a bit too long…

All packed up in big car!

Went to “bed” in big car. Somewhere on autobahn.

Woke up in big car. Nice view…

Well hello!


Apr 12

Epic day

Had my last day in Engelberg today. I’m packing up and are soon driving back to Sweden. I’m happy, cause I had an EPIC day today. Was skiing with Mattias Hargin, Oskar Enander and a bunch of other good friends. Can’t post much, cause I’m in a rush, bet here are two pictures that says it all:

Apr 12

Spring powder video

I keep on stealing other people’s blogs. This time it’s my flat mate and photo wizard Oskar Enander who did a nice edit of the riding yesterday. The helmet cam shots is from me. I will do an edit of that, and some more, later.

Johan Axelsson getting some april goods!

Apr 12


No time for blogging today But Mattias Hargin  posted some pics of me from today! Look at the HERE.

Apr 12

Crooks Collective

Don’t really know what Crooks Collective is, but I know that some of my friends that I really like are crooks, in that collective. Here’s an edit they just posted. Take a look. Now. It’s good.

Apr 12


Haven’t been that much of it lately, so it feels good to be back on snow again! Been sliding with Oskar (he left his photo pack at home, and I’m happy for him for that), Linus Archibald (Why can’t I also have a cool name like that?!), Johan, Oskar H and Simpa. Good times with good locals! Here are some pics:

Apr 12


Been in Engelberg a couple of days now. Today I didn’t get any of the spoiled bastards here to ski with me, but yesterday I did a couple of Galtibergs with Simpa and Oskar. It was really good the first half, and ski murdering the second half. Took a while to fix my skis today… Today I also got my Helldorado back (Swiss lost them). Gonna be sweet to ski with them again tomorrow!

In the middle of Galtiberg. I like to be surrounded by big walls…

My skis didn’t like the last part of the run though…

Apr 12

Oh well…

When you go to a destination, you always have a time window. There’s always a date when you have to go home. Sometimes you kill it within that timeframe, and sometimes you don’t. That’s the name of the game… We got some good stuff in Haines, but not as much as we wanted. Just a little bit of bad luck with mini-injuries in the group, and too much sun, is enough to make difference between success and mediocre.

Enough of the whining! I’m back in Euroland now. Sitting in Zurich Airport and waiting for my skis, that didn’t make the same flight as me… Engelberg didn’t have the same problem as AK, since it seems like it have been snowing a lot there! So, stoked to ski tomorrow after sitting on my ass for ten days!

Something else to check out is the new TimeLine episode from Xavier and the muppets. Take a look at that HERE and some iPhone shots:

Apr 12

Bruce Bauer…

…is a good man. Check out his/Funny Farm’s page here. Next year it’s gonna be a new, big house to live in up at 27 miles.